Amy Schumer: Emergency Contact review: Raunchy special hits most of the marks

In Amy Schumer’s latest Netflix standup special, Emergency Contact, she riffs on topics ranging from baby-naming disaster to postpartum sex and the woes surrounding it.


Schumer greets a cheering audience and quickly whips out the zingers, starting with jokes on aging and how keeping track of the drinking is an endeavor she loosely entertains sometimes. She then goes on to do jokes about insecurities and how people inadvertently end up planting new ones by mentioning one peculiarity or another.

Following that, she delivers a funny anecdote about a party thrown by a blind person who refuses to acknowledge said disability and how she struggled with controlling her impulse on one too many occasions. She also briefly talks about Chapelle getting tackled and how her audience is far too lazy to be pulling such antics.

She then talks about the baby naming got a bit raunchy before she needed to course correct and then the woes of postpartum sex, as well as chewable Viagra for men. She later talks about her experience after getting her uterus removed.

She then riffs on the difference between growing up when she did and growing up now, before talking about her husband who’s on the spectrum.


Amy Schumer wears confidence like it’s nobody’s business and her body language really adds the flair that’s characteristic to her.

The jokes are very relatable for the target audience and work really well. There are moments where Schumer’s physicality proves quite hilarious.

Amy Schumer’s raunchy brand is on display per usual and it works better than some of her previous works while there are also moments of touching sincerity interspersed with jokes that dare.


In terms of the material, there are a lot of jokes that land but none of them seem to be ones that haven’t already been made a lot of times before, by a lot of other comics. That’s not to say that the weight of said jokes or their efficacy is somehow diminished, but one always expects something new and refreshing from a comic of this caliber.

Hilaria Baldwin’s supposed pseudo-Spanish accent does seem like a crutch to pull out a caricature while ridding yourself of the offense since you’re satirizing another offensive caricature.


Amy Schumer’s Emergency Contact is a solid entertainer throughout its runtime with jokes that both land and inspire hilarity. The comic is at her confident best and manages to keep the energy right through to the end.

Amy Schumer: Emergency Contact
Amy Schumer: Emergency Contact review: Raunchy special hits most of the marks 1

Director: Amy Schumer

Date Created: 2023-06-13 12:30

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