Record of Ragnarok II part 2 review: Adds a fresh and terrifying mythical element

In Record of Ragnarok II part 2, Buddha switches sides to fight for mankind. However, he soon faces an unlikely force that only knows destruction. The second part is now streaming on Netflix.


The sixth bout of Ragnarok begins. The gods have three victories for themselves, while humans have two. Buddha is expected to represent the gods in the next bout, but he surprises everyone by proclaiming that he will fight for mankind.

The gods are left enraged, while Goll suspects that it is part of Brunhilde’s plan. Brunhilde clarifies that gods like Buddha don’t take orders from anyone. Buddha has voluntarily decided to side with humans.

Buddha declares that if gods won’t save mankind, he will, and if anyone dares to come into his path, he will kill them. Buddha will be facing the Seven Gods of Fortune, who will represent the gods in the sixth bout.

As the bout begins, the Seven Gods of Fortune show their true form, revealing that they have a past with Buddha and a hatred for him.


After appearing in the first part of Record of Ragnarok II and making everyone notice him, Buddha shines as the character taking the lead. He is extremely likable, and his rebellious teenage angst against the gods is entertaining.

The opponents in the sixth bout have a striking backstory that is endearing and sticks to the basic fundamentals of how to live a happy life in a show that is filled with brutal battles.

The second part of Record of Ragnarok II moves away from the main plot, which is only dedicated to the tournament and its results, which has, by now, become a bit tiresome.

An astonishing mythical element is added that will surely raise many eyebrows. The different forms of the Seven Gods of Fortune and what comes after them is terrifying indeed.

The moment these revelations come haunting the characters, the environment of the show suddenly changes. The viewers and even the characters forget about this tournament and worry more about the mythical element they are seeing come true.

It all becomes eerie and uncomfortable to watch someone cool and powerful like Buddha struggle. Buddha goes from being the strongest out there, who knows every move of his opponent beforehand, to someone who might soon die.


The first two episodes of Record of Ragnarok II part 2 come with the same generic anime story-telling. The problem here is that Record of Ragnarok has stuck to a formula to tell these stories, which has now become redundant.

The show needs to find different ways to tell the stories of these individuals if they plan to continue including them in the upcoming battles.


Record of Ragnarok II part 2 is certainly better than the first season and the second season’s first part because it ditches caring only about the tournament and its results.

Something fresh, in the form of an outsider interfering in the tournament, is brought into the show. However, it’s hard to tell if the anime will continue to be fresh moving forward.

Record of Ragnarok II part 2
Record of Ragnarok II part 2 review: Adds a fresh and terrifying mythical element 1

Director: Masao Ōkubo

Date Created: 2023-07-12 12:30

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