Record of Ragnarok II part 2 summary and ending explained

In Record of Ragnarok II part 2, after switching sides and choosing to fight for mankind, Buddha faces someone who was long believed to be a myth. The second part is now streaming on Netflix.

Warning: This article contains heavy spoilers

Plot summary

Jack the Ripper rescues Goll from the wrath of the Seven Gods of Fortune. Jack the Ripper finds it odd that Goll called them seven. He offers Goll some tea; she looks at his injuries and remembers Hercules. Similarly, even Jack the Ripper is reminded of Hercules after seeing Goll’s kindness.

The sixth bout of Ragnarok begins, and the warrior representing the gods is introduced to be Buddha. However, Buddha walks toward mankind’s side and proclaims that he will be fighting for mankind instead.

Buddha lets the gods know that if they won’t save mankind, he will, and if anyone gets in his way, he will kill them. Buddha’s move leaves the gods puzzled and enraged. The people supporting the gods start hurling abuses at Buddha.

Goll suspects that this is part of Brunhilde’s plan. However, Brunhilde clarifies that gods like Buddha don’t take orders from anyone. Buddha voluntarily decided to fight for mankind. At the same time, even Buddha believes Brunhilde lured him into this. Anyhow, he hates the gods, and he is going to fight for mankind.

Zeus allows Buddha to fight for mankind, calling this an exciting twist. Buddha will be facing the Seven Gods of Fortune, who will represent the gods.

Everyone assumes that one of them will go up against Buddha. It is then disclosed that the Seven Gods of Fortune were never seven to begin with.

They merge into one strong, sinister god called Zerofuku, a deity consumed by misfortune who scares everyone present there, including the gods. Zerofuku is their true, original form.

If that’s not enough, it is further revealed that Buddha and Zerofuku share a past together. Zerofuku was once a very kind god. He intended to spread happiness everywhere. To do that, he absorbed the misfortune of humans and took it for himself.

However, years later, humans showed their true colors. They fell into depravity and forgot about Zerofuku. One fine day, he saw Buddha and his followers walking by the village Zerofuku tried to help.

Buddha’s followers looked shabby and poor, but they were happy. Buddha told Zerofuku where he went wrong. Zerofuku tried to force happiness on people. Happiness is something that should be obtained.

Buddha’s wise words led people to follow him. Zerofuku, on the other hand, grew jealous of Buddha. He turned evil and almost killed a human. Splitting himself into seven different forms stopped Zerofuku from making such a move.

Zerofuku has been waiting for a long time to inflict judgment upon Buddha, and now he has a chance to do so. The fight between Zerofuku and Buddha begins.

Buddha is able to overpower Zerofuku because he can see into the future. It’s a state only an enlightened person like Buddha can attain. Buddha calls it Samyak Sambodhi Alaya-Vijnana.

Furthermore, Buddha’s Staff of the Six Realms automatically changes its form and reacts to Buddha’s emotions. Thus, protecting him from the coming calamity.

Buddha has spent his life fighting the fate he has been chosen for. He just can’t stand when anyone is denied their inner happiness. He hates destiny being forced upon anyone, and he will do anything to stop such decisions. Hence, he is fighting for mankind.

During the battle, Buddha again garners all the attention and makes Zerofuku jealous. At a time like this, Buddha gives Zerofuku some important advice about loving oneself. Zerofuku listens and loses all the misfortune he has absorbed.

Buddha and Zerofuku then indulge in a fistfight, which Buddha wins. Zerofuku goes back to his original form and promises to believe again. He is then attacked and surrounded by two dragons. Zerofuku is killed, leaving everyone around terrified of what just happened.

Record of Ragnarok II part 2 ending explained in detail:

Who comes out of the egg?

Once Zerofuku is perished, an egg-like structure forms in the middle of the battlefield. Papiyas, the Devil King of the Sixth Heaven, comes out of it. It turns out that no god recognizes this deity. Papiyas doesn’t know his purpose; all he desires is to try his power.

When the gods are still trying to figure out who this creature is, Hades, the king of Helheim, comes to Valhalla and enlightens them. Papiyas is a legendary berserker spoken of in Helheim since ancient times.

When the brightest light combines with the darkest shadow, Papiyas is born. Hades, despite being the king of Helheim, has never seen Papiyas. He doesn’t know why Papiyas has returned or why a god has turned into the Devil King.

Who summoned Papiyas?

Papiyas is a genuine monster who once single-handedly destroyed half of Helheim. The story goes that he disappeared after inflicting all of that total destruction. For centuries, he didn’t return, and for eons, Hades believed that this was nothing but a fairy tale, but now he sees Papiyas in person.

Hades thinks Papiyas is back because someone must have obtained a tiny fragment of his soul when Papiyas vanished. This person cultivated that soul and turned it into seeds. Then they planted those seeds on Zerofuku.

Hades only knows one god who has the time and skill to perform such a feat. It is Beelzebub who has summoned Papiyas.

Is Buddha able to defeat Papiyas?

Buddha’s ability to see the future is no longer helpful because Papiyas is full of darkness. Buddha sees the future after observing how an individual’s soul, which glows, reacts. However, Papiyas’ soul here has no glow. Hence, Buddha struggles. He is finally bleeding and injured in one of his eyes.

Even after using the strongest form of his staff, Buddha is stabbed. Buddha doesn’t give up and stays adamant, making Papiyas mad.

Papiyas starts getting scared of Buddha’s willpower. When Buddha loses his staff in the battle, he gets his hands on Zerofuku’s weapon, Cataxetrophe. Buddha calls for Zerofuku, and with him, he performs Volundr.

Cataxetrophe absorbs Buddha’s love and becomes a weapon called the Sword of Mahaparinirvana. Buddha gives Papiyas a tough fight, and Buddha soon starts seeing the future again.

Papiyas’ soul begins fluctuating out of fear, allowing Buddha to see it. Buddha then defeats Papiyas with an attack called Mahaparinirvana. Buddha wins another bout for the humans. The gods and humans now have three wins each.

Initially hated for switching sides, Buddha walks out of the battlefield with everyone cheering for him.

Who is up for the next battle?

Odin confronts Beelzebub for summoning Papiyas and lets him know that he won’t allow anyone to interfere. This is his long-desired ambition and battle.

The gods realize that they must win now since they are tied with humans again. Hades volunteers to go next in order to avenge his brother, shocking everyone around him. Brunhilde decides to give it back by choosing the King of the Beginning to be the one facing the King of Helheim.

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