Queens on the Run review: A wild and amusing adventure

Queens on the Run (Fuga de Reinas) follows the wild adventures of four friends who decide to go on a road trip together. The film is now streaming on Netflix.


Marilú, Estrella, Paty, and Famela are close friends. Marilú’s husband does not have time for her. He has been forgetting their anniversary for the past three years. Similarly, Paty tries to look perfect for her husband, but he keeps cheating on her.

On the other hand, Famela’s husband just wants to spend time with her, but she is a busy woman who tries to control everything. Lastly, Estrella is a free spirit who likes to live her life on her own terms.

When these women come across their old bucket list, they decide to go on a road trip like they always wanted. Estrella wants an adventure, Paty wants breast implants, and Famela wants to scatter her mother’s ashes in the Caribbean.  

This is also a chance for Marilú to meet her ex-boyfriend and see if her life would have been any different with him. However, what was supposed to be a relaxing trip soon turns into a series of wild adventures, allowing the four friends to discover themselves.

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Valeria Vera and Alejandra Ambrosi were a perfect fit for the roles of Estrella and Marilú respectively. The two women embraced their characters effortlessly.

Martha Higareda’s performance prevents Paty from being just a trophy wife. Even in the beginning, when Paty is extremely concerned about her looks, the audience can see that there is more to her than this; Higareda makes Paty an interesting character.

Paola Núñez’s performance is highly entertaining. She depicts Famela’s anger and her obsession with her mother in a way that makes it all hilarious. The audience will definitely want to see more of her.


Queens on the Run is a light-hearted film that will make the audience laugh at the adventures of the four friends. Their road trip is nothing like the ones that people see on TV, and the comedy lies in the distinction that is created between fiction and reality in this film.

There are also moments when these women think about their identities without the roles that have been attached to them. With regard to this, Paty’s character development outshines everyone else’s; she grows as a person and manages to define herself without these roles.

The show does not try to undervalue or exaggerate the friendship of these women; it is presented just as it is. Their heart-to-heart conversations come off as genuine and spontaneous, depicting realistic female friendships.


The film does not offer anything new that has not been done yet. Films where a group of friends go on a road trip and land up in unexpected and even dangerous situations that help them discover themselves are not uncommon, and Queens on the Run ends up being one of them. 

Furthermore, it is a light-hearted film that will entertain the audience but will not stay with them after it is over; it does not have anything memorable.


Queens on the Run is an amusing and enjoyable film. The plot is nothing extraordinary, but it is not a dull film either; it will definitely entertain the audience. It is the kind of film that you pick when you want to watch something short, light, and funny.

Queens on the Run
Queens on the Run review: A wild and amusing adventure 1

Director: Jorge Macaya

Date Created: 2023-04-15 17:08

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