Queens on the Run summary and ending explained

Queens on the Run (Fuga de Reinas) follows four women who decide to go on a road trip together. On their way, they get lost more than once but end up finding themselves because of that. The film is now streaming on Netflix.

Warning: This article contains heavy spoilers

Plot summary

Marilú is a devoted wife and mother, but lately, her workaholic husband, José, has not been there for her. He forgets their anniversary for the third time in a row. On the other hand, her friend, Estrella, is an independent woman and likes to live life on her own terms.

Their friend Paty is the wife of a politician, Esteban. She wishes to be a writer, but she never gets a chance to focus on anything other than her husband’s career. She has to look perfect as his wife, so she keeps getting surgeries done, but even then her husband cheats on her.

Lastly, there is Famela, who is still obsessed with her dead mother. Famela and her husband, Ramiro, are trying to conceive. While Famela is always busy and controls every single thing, Ramiro just wants to spend some time with her.

When they were in high school, Marilú, Estrella, and Famela wanted to go on a road trip without telling their families. They find their old bucket list and tell Paty about the trip and about Marilú’s ex-boyfriend, Antonio Posadas, who broke her heart and cut all ties with her.

They find Antonio online and discover that he will be in Cancún this weekend. Paty suggests that they should go on a road trip to Cancún without telling their families. 

This way, Marilú will get to meet Antonio again, Famela will get to scatter her mother’s ashes in the Caribbean, and Paty will get the breast implants that she wants. 

Initially, Marilú does not want to go, but when her husband disappoints her again, she decides to join her friends.

In the beginning, their road trip is not as adventurous as they had hoped it would be; there are traffic jams, chicken attacks, speeding tickets, food poisoning, and misadventures with the gun Famela has been carrying. They also meet a dancer named Lola and give her a lift.

One night, the women discuss their life choices with each other and think about the changes that they need to make to their lives. Marilú thinks about how her relationship with José has changed, and Estrella talks about how she chose the life that she is living. 

Famela realizes that she needs to let her mother go, and Paty realizes that she does not need to keep changing her body for her uncaring husband, who is never going to change.

The next day, their car’s tire gets punctured, and they seek help from a car that is passing by. The men in the car, El Gavilán and Tuerto, fix their tire and then pull a gun on them. They do not kidnap them since the women are in their thirties, but they do steal the urn that has Famela’s mother’s ashes.

An enraged Famela takes her friends and chases after the two men. She even starts shooting at them, but the men push their car off the road. The women survive, but their car falls off a cliff.

Stranded in the middle of the road, the four friends get a lift from a group of hippies. They also meet Officer Roberto Martínez again, who later finds Estrella on a dating app.

They are fed a soup of magic mushrooms at night. In a drugged state, Estrella confesses that Antonio tried to contact Marilú, but Estrella deleted all the emails that he sent, and that is why Marilú never heard from him again.

Famela then decides to get her mother’s ashes back, and her friends reluctantly follow her. They visit a club called El Jack, where they come across Lola. She tells them that El Gavilán is a wanted human trafficker and arms dealer.

Lola is part of a secret government operation in conjunction with the DEA. Her mission is to catch El Gavilán. She had hired dancers to put on a show for him in order to catch him, but her dancers got diarrhea, thanks to the tamales Estrella gave her.

Lola asks them for help. She wants them to pretend to be strippers to help her catch El Gavilán, and in exchange, they could get a five million dollar reward. Even though it is dangerous, the four women agree to help Lola with her mission.

Queens on the Run ending explained in detail:

Why did Estrella block Antonio?

The women dress up as strippers and put on a show for the crowd. When El Gavilán shows up, Paty keeps the crowd entertained with her dance moves, while Famela, Lola, and Marilú corner El Gavilán.

They hold him at gunpoint and take him away from the crowd. Estrella also follows them. When Famela is looking for her mother’s ashes, Estrella and Marilú get into an argument. 

It turns out Marilú broke up with Antonio years ago, but she regretted it. She never heard from him again because Estrella blocked Antonio. Estrella only did that because Antonio not only tried to kiss her but was also cheating on Marilú with another woman.

She never told Marilú about it because she thought Marilú would not believe her. However, Marilú believes her, and the two resolve their differences.

Does El Gavilán get arrested?

Tuerto figures out what is going on and holds Paty hostage. He threatens to hurt Paty and asks her friends to drop their weapons. He rescues El Gavilán from them, and now the women are in danger.

However, Estrella has been texting Officer Roberto Martínez all this while. Due to that, the police come to their rescue, and in the ensuing struggle, the four friends fight alongside Lola.

Tuerto threatens to throw away Famela’s mother’s ashes, which Paty retrieved from El Gavilán’s safe. To save the ashes, she shoots him, and then to save her from El Gavilán, Marilú shoots El Gavilán. An injured El Gavilán then gets arrested.

What happens to the four friends?

After executing the operation, Estrella and Officer Martínez, who had been flirting with each other all this while, finally kiss.

When Marilú and Paty’s husbands realize that they have gone on a road trip, they, as well as Famela’s husband, follow them to Cancún because José thinks that Marilú has left him forever. They see their wives, who helped Lola take El Gavilán down, on the news.

Meanwhile, the four friends go to meet Antonio. Their husbands also arrive there. Paty had earlier asked people on TV not to vote for her husband. When she meets him in person, she tells him that she is divorcing him and that she does not need his money.

Marilú sees Antonio but does not approach him, as she now realizes that this was never about Antonio; it was about her marriage. José tries to win her heart by serenading her like old times. José and Marilú make up, and José promises to put in an effort to make their relationship work.

Famela decides to let go of her plans for a while and go on a trip with Ramiro. She knows she cannot change completely, but she will try not to control everything. She finally lets go of her mother’s ashes on the beach with her friends by her side.

A year later, Paty has written a hit book about their adventures, and she finally becomes a successful writer. The four friends are invited to a talk show, but they do not stay for long, as Famela is pregnant and her water breaks. It will be yet another adventure for them.

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