Princess Power season 2 review: Enjoyable kids’ show imparts valuable life lessons

The second season of Princess Power sees Kira, Bea, Penny, and Rita solve mysteries, help their Fruitizens, and discover new Fruitdoms. The second season is now streaming on Netflix.


In the first episode, on the day of Kiwi Fruitdom’s Tricentennial celebration, a snowstorm hits the Fruitdom, resulting in Bea, Penny, and Rita helping Kira save the day.

In the second episode, Princess Bea needs to learn to play the Guitarpsichord for her Royal Blueberry Pageant debut, but no matter what she does, she ends up breaking the instrument every time she tries to play it.

A bad harvest results in a scarcity of fruit in all four Fruitdoms in the third episode. The princesses find fruits on Punchbowl Island, but how will they transport the fruits to their respective Fruitdoms?

In the fourth episode, the roofs throughout the Kiwi Fruitdom need to be repaired, so the Fruitizens will be staying at the palace. Kira forgets to allot a room to an old woman named Hilda and decides to make her stay at the Punchbowl Treehouse. Will Kira and her friends be able to make a grumpy Hilda’s stay comfortable?

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The fifth episode sees Kira preparing for her first big speech, but she keeps getting nervous. With her friends’ support, she must find a way to overcome her fears.

In the sixth episode, Penny creates a royal suggestion box to find out what her Fruitizens need, but even with the princesses’ help, she finds it hard to fulfill every single wish.

Rita gets lost in the woods while hiking with the Rasberrian Rangers in the seventh episode. She alerts her friends using her charm bracelet, and her friends look for clues to find her.

The four princesses have a sleepover in the eighth episode, but Bea, who has never spent a night away from home, is too nervous to sleep. Can Bea make her friends stay awake with her?

In the ninth episode, the four Fruitdoms compete in a Fruitdom Bake-off, but the day does not go as expected when an experiment causes problems. 

The tenth episode sees Bea’s parents and friends planning a surprise birthday party for her. Will her friends be able to distract her for the whole day, or will Bea discover their plans?

In the eleventh episode, a treasure hunt leads to unforeseen discoveries. Then in the twelfth episode, Rita tries to fix her mother’s crown jewels in time for a gala.

In the thirteenth episode, Bea must bond with her horse, Bella, if she wants to connect with her Fruitizens, but Bella does not seem too eager to let Bea ride her.

In the fourteenth episode, the princesses prepare Lila Lemon, the princess of the Lemon Fruitdom, for her Princess Promise Ceremony. However, Lila keeps messing up and losing her confidence.

The fifteenth episode sees the princesses trying to convince Kira’s sister to not leave for a princess study-at-sea program, and in the sixteenth episode, the princesses help a baker from Lemon Fruitdom get customers for his cafe.

In the seventeenth episode, the princesses need to prepare the perfect send-off for the first United Fruitizens cruise to other Fruitdoms, but when their pets get washed out to sea, they must find them before anything else.

In the eighteenth episode, the princesses organize a Royal Giveaway Day to help the Fruitizens of the Lemon Fruitdom, but Rita realizes that parting with one’s things is not as easy as she had assumed. 

The nineteenth episode sees Penny and her friends hosting a tea party for Queen Alana of the Apple Fruitdom, but Queen Busyboots has a problem or two with their arrangements.

In the last episode, Penny and Queen Busyboots swap roles for the day, as Queen Busyboots wants to have a princess adventure and Penny wants to know more about being a queen. They must learn to adapt to their new roles in order to get what they seek. 


Every episode takes the audience on a different adventure, and each of them teaches important life lessons to children. These lessons are relevant to the times and are incorporated very well into the stories.

The show is adventurous and funny. While it might not make the adult audience laugh a lot, the younger audience will appreciate the show’s humor.

The dialogue will capture children’s attention; there are enough rhymes to excite them. There are times when difficult words are used, but the writers explain each of them to make it easy for the children to understand them.

The show tries to define what it means to be a princess — being a princess means helping people. It rejects the traditional understanding of the title and makes children accept the new one.


While the show teaches important lessons in every episode, its approach is not always innovative. At times, the stories can get repetitive. 

The songs in the show could have been better. The melodies, with the exception of the theme song, are forgettable and not as catchy as one would expect them to be in a kids’ show.


Princess Power season 2 will not fail to entertain, educate, and make children laugh. However, as it has its shortcomings, it is not the best children’s show.

Princess Power season 2
Princess Power season 2 review: Enjoyable kids’ show imparts valuable life lessons 1

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