Princess Power season 2 summary and endings explained: All episodes

In each episode of Princess Power season 2, four princesses from four Fruitdoms solve various problems to help each other as well as their Fruitizens. The second season is now streaming on Netflix. 

Warning: This article contains heavy spoilers

Episode 1: The Princesses and the Frosty Fruitdom Fiasco

It is the Kiwi Fruitdom’s Tricentennial celebration. However, an expected problem arises — the Fruitdom is unexpectedly hit by a snowstorm. Princess Kira asks her friends, Rita, Bea, and Penny, for help.

It turns out that Penny created a Snow-Hermie to prevent the sculpture that Bea’s fathers prepared from melting, but Fussy accidentally turned the dial and activated the danger zone. The Snow-Hermie could not be controlled, and it ended up freezing the Kiwi Fruitdom.

The four princesses then work together to keep the kiwis warm and find the Snow-Hermie, which has reached a dormant volcano. They manage to deactivate the Snow-Hermie, but the Kiwi Fruitdom is still covered in snow.

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When Kira finds out that it will take three days for the snow to thaw, she gives up hope of celebrating her Fruitdom’s 300th birthday. However, her friends’ encouragement and the Fruitizens’ efforts give her a new idea.

The Fruitdom adapts to the snow and celebrates a snowy tricentennial. The Fruitizens will never forget this day. The princesses save the day once again, just not in the way they had expected.  

Episode 2: Practice Makes Princess

Princess Bea’s fathers are looking forward to her playing Guitarpsichord at her Royal Blueberry Pageant debut. However, no matter how much she practices, she cannot seem to get a hang of it.

Bea’s friends try to teach her to play the instrument in different ways, but she ends up breaking the instrument every time. This upsets her, but her friends explain to her that not everyone can be good at everything. 

They tell her that she is a great princess and that they all can discuss the things they are not good at without feeling embarrassed. Bea kept trying to learn, and that is what matters the most.

Princess Bea still plays the instrument at the pageant, but she admits that she is not very good at it. She honors her Fruitdom’s tradition and gives her best, but not without her friends joining her. Together, they give an impressive performance. 

Episode 3: Princess Farmers’ Market

There is a scarcity of fruit in all four Fruitdoms due to a bad harvest. The princesses find fruits on Punchbowl Island and ripen them by wrapping them in cloth. They also harvest the fruits for their Fruitizens. 

They then face the problem of transporting the fruits to their respective Fruitdoms. They try various methods, but none of them work. Fortunately, their efforts to transport the fruits draw the attention of the Fruitizens.

The Fruitizens start coming to the island, which leads to the princesses setting up a farmers’ market on the island. The princesses and the Fruitizens like the market so much that they decide to make it a weekly event.

Episode 4: The Princesses Get a Roommate

As roofs are being repaired throughout the Kiwi Fruitdom, the Fruitizens come to live at the palace. Kira forgets to allot a room to an old woman named Hilda and decides to make Hilda stay at the Punchbowl Treehouse.

To make Hilda’s stay at the treehouse comfortable, Kira and her friends try to do all the activities with her that their own grandmothers enjoy. However, they fail to make Hilda, who is a grumpy woman, happy.

An earthquake causes a crack in a dam, and the princesses need to take care of it before the dam breaks. Hilda accompanies the princesses and knows exactly what to do. With Hilda in charge, the princesses repair the dam in time.

Hilda then tells the princesses that she used to be a Kiwi Pathfinder, an explorer. The princesses realize that they should have asked Hilda about her interests instead of assuming that she would like the things that people her age enjoy. The princesses end up befriending Hilda, who tells them about her adventures.

Episode 5: The Princess’ Speech

Kira wants to ban plastic straws in her Fruitdom, and to convince her Fruitizens of the same, she will be giving a speech. However, Kira faces all kinds of problems that day. First, she loses her voice, but her friends help her get it back.

She then starts hiccuping uncontrollably, which her friends are able to cure. Her friends come to the conclusion that Kira is nervous about giving her first speech. They support her and prepare with her.

When it is time to give the speech, they join her onstage because it is easy for her to remember her speech with them by her side. The speech impresses the Fruitizens, and they vote in favor of banning plastic straws. With her friends’ support, Kira succeeds once more.

Episode 6: Princess Suggestion Box

Penny creates a royal suggestion box because she wants to know what her Fruitizens want. She receives several suggestions and asks her friends to help her fulfill the Fruitizens’ wishes.

No matter how hard they try, the four princesses struggle to fulfill every wish. At the same time, new suggestions keep pouring in. Juggling so many things at the same time does not end well, and Penny is left disappointed.

However, Kira advises her to look at this problem from a different perspective, which helps Penny come up with an idea. She decides to open a community center where the Fruitizens will get all the things they asked for in one place. The community center is a hit, and Princess Penny’s work is appreciated by everyone.

Episode 7: The Missing Princess

Rita decides to take the Rasberrian Rangers hiking in the woods so that they will get to learn about the Blueberry Fruitdom. Rita is not very familiar with the woods and gets lost with the two Rasberrian Rangers.

She uses her charm alarm to call her friends to the Punchbowl Treehouse. When Rita does not come there, her friends start looking for her. All the clues lead them to the Blueberry Kingdom, and they are able to rescue Rita and the rangers.

Rita gets upset about getting lost, but her friends make her understand that leaders do need help from time to time. Furthermore, the rangers tell Rita that they got to learn a lot despite getting lost, which makes Rita feel better.

Episode 8: Princess All-Nighter

The four princesses are going to have a sleepover at the Punchbowl Treehouse. As it is Bea’s first night away from home, she is extremely nervous. Bea does not share her concerns with her friends. Instead, she tries to make them stay up all night with her.

Bea eventually notices a huge iceberg heading towards the Blueberry Fruitdom, and the four friends try to find a way to stop it. However, they are too tired to come up with a solution to the problem.

Bea’s fathers take matters into their own hands. They call all the Fruitizens to the beach and ask them to help the princesses. They work tirelessly all night to create a wall of pillowcases filled with sand and are able to prevent the iceberg from causing any damage. 

Bea’s friends find out that she was nervous the previous night and understand what she was going through. Bea will now be able to have sleepovers without getting nervous, as she managed to do it once. The tired princesses then fall asleep as Bea’s fathers watch the sunrise.

Episode 9: Little Shop of Princess Horrors

The four Fruitdoms compete in a Fruitdom Bake-off. The winner will get help from the other three Fruitdoms during the harvest. Things do not go as planned, as Penny, who does not have enough pineapples, uses a super-growth spray on one pineapple to make it bigger.

The spray makes the pineapple grow in an unexpected way. The pineapple turns into an animated object. It is a baby pineapple that is very similar to a dog, and it wreaks havoc. Soon, it turns into a giant. The princesses work together to stop the pineapple’s growth. 

Penny prepares a shrinking spray and uses it on the pineapple. The pineapple turns into a baby again, and everyone likes it so much that they give it the trophy. All four Fruitdoms are announced as the winners, which means they will all be helping each other with harvest.

Episode 10: Princess Surprise Party

Bea’s fathers want to throw her an early surprise birthday party. As Bea always manages to figure out her fathers’ plans, her fathers use Bea’s charm bracelet to meet her friends and ask them to distract Bea.

Bea meets her friends at the Punchbowl Treehouse and asks them to look for her missing charm bracelet. The princesses pretend to help Bea look for the bracelet, but they are actually trying to prevent Bea from finding out about the party.

They shift the party to the Punchbowl Treehouse, as Bea goes to the Blueberry Palace to look for the bracelet. Bea’s fathers are able to surprise her, thanks to the princesses’ efforts. They also tell Bea that they had taken her bracelet and return it to her. It ends up being a happy day for Bea.

Episode 11: I Dig Being a Princess

While the princesses are preparing for a charity ball, Kira and Rita find a mysterious map and show it to their friends. They believe that the map will lead them to some hidden treasure. 

As the princesses can auction this treasure at the charity ball and help their Fruitdoms, they decide to find it. The map leads them to another map, and this goes on until they reach the Preachbowl Island. 

The treasure that the princesses find is also a map, but this map is different. The map tells them that apart from their four Fruitdoms, together known as the United Fruitdoms, there are other Fruitdoms out there. The princesses tell their Fruitizens about it. 

They see this as an opportunity to find new communities and fruits, make new friends, and learn from other Fruitdoms, but they promise to explore these new places respectfully.

Episode 12: The Princess Crown Cover UP

The queen of one of the newly discovered Fruitdoms, the Orange Fruitdom, is coming to the Rasberry Fruitdom for a gala. The United Fruitdoms like Orange Fruitdom’s music a lot, and Rita’s mother is going to ask their queen to send her musicians to the Rasberry Fruitdom for a live concert.

To make this request, Rita’s mother needs her crown jewels more than anything, as wearing them makes her feel confident. However, Rita accidentally breaks the crown jewels and asks for her friends’ help.

While fixing the crown, the princesses end up getting glued to various things. They then make their way to the Rasberry Fruitdom to get Rita’s glue remover. A woman overhears them talking amongst themselves and offers to help them.

The woman distracts Rita’s mother, allowing Rita and her friends to go to her room without her mother noticing them. After using the glue remover to get unstuck, Rita tells her mother the whole truth. 

It turns out that the woman who helped the princesses was the queen of the Orange Fruitdom. Seeing how much her Fruitdom’s music means to them, she agrees to share the Orange musical arts with the Untied Fruitdoms, much to everyone’s happiness.

Episode 13: Princess Processional Professional

Bea needs to ride a new horse named Bella if she wants to connect with her Fruitizens at the Blueberry Processional. The only problem is that she is not able to bond with Bella, and the horse would not let Bea ride her.

Bea’s friends try to teach her how to bond with pets in various ways, but Bea fails to get Bella to cooperate. They eventually decide to get Bea to sit in a cart and make Bella pull it. However, Bea ends up startling Bella, resulting in Bella running blindly.

Bea manages to calm herself and Bella the way her friends taught her. Bea tells Bella that she likes her and wins her over. Bella then allows Bea to ride her, and Bea gets to connect with her Fruitizens at the Blueberry Processional.

Episode 14: How to Be a Princess

Lila Lemon, the princess of the Lemon Fruitdom, is going to have her Princess Promise Ceremony soon, so she asks for Penny’s help to prepare for it. Lila lacks confidence, but Penny and her friends are determined to help her overcome all the obstacles.

Lila is good at tinkering, and she wants to help people. While preparing with the princesses, she keeps messing up because the idea of having tea, wearing ballgowns, dancing, and making a speech makes her nervous. 

Lila loses hope and thinks she will never be able to succeed. At that moment, she sees a Fruitizen in trouble and saves them by tinkering with the objects around her. This helps her gain confidence, and the princesses encourage her to handle her Princess Promise Ceremony in her own way. 

Lila realizes that being a princess is more about helping people than tea parties, dancing, ballgowns, and speeches. She will aid people in her own way without losing her confidence.

Episode 15: Princess Bon Voyage

Kira’s older sister, Karina, is leaving for a princess study-at-sea program, and Kira is worried that her sister might forget her once she leaves. Kira and her friends try to make Karina stay by trying to convince her that she is needed at home.

Karina spends the whole day helping Kira and her friends solve various problems. The sisters even save Rita when she gets stuck on a windmill. While Karina enjoys helping others a lot, it only makes her more determined to go.

Karina reveals that Kira inspired her to go for the program, as Karina wants to help their Fruitizens like Kira and her friends do. Kira finally understands why it is important to let her sister go and gets ready to say goodbye to her.

Episode 16: The Perfect Princess Welcome

A boy named Cyrus moves from the Lemon Fruitdom to the Kiwi Fruitdom. He is a baker and wishes to open his own cafe in the Kiwi Fruitdom. Kira and her friends attempt to help him get customers. 

They start a petting zoo, then a science cafe, put on a fashion show, and create an obstacle course to attract customers. However, something or the other always goes wrong, and Cyrus’ baked goods end up getting thrown in the air.

Surprisingly, this brings customers to Cyrus’ cafe, as the desserts were caught by people of the Kiwi Fruitdom, who tasted and loved them. They come to the cafe to get more. Everyone gets to enjoy Cyrus’ desserts at his now-crowded cafe.

Episode 17: Fussy and Scrumples’ Princess Adventure

The princesses prepare a special treat for the first United Fruitizens cruise to the other Fruitdoms. They also need to fix the dock before their departure. When Penny and Kira go to meet Rita and Bea, they leave their pets, Fussy and Mr. Scrumples, behind.

The pets fall asleep on the dock, which floats away. The princesses now need to find their pets apart from preparing a treat and fixing the dock. The pets end up on an uninhabited island and discover coconuts, which are not found in their Fruitdoms.

The pets are also able to draw the princesses’ attention to the island when they come looking for them. The princesses reunite with their pets and decide to give coconuts to the people going on the cruise as a special treat. At the end of the day, their send-off is spectacular.

Episode 18: Princess Donation Distress

When the Lemon Fruitdom is hit by a storm and its Fruitizens lose several of their things, the princesses plan to organize a Royal Giveaway Day. However, Rita has a hard time parting with her things.

She tells the Lemon Fruitdom’s dignitaries that they can take anything from Punchbowl Island except for her things. Due to this, the dignitaries take her friends’ things, even those that they do not want to give away.

When the princesses confront Rita, they realize that Rita is not scared of losing her things but the memories attached to her things. They assure her that no one can take her memories from her and that giving away one’s things only lets other people make their own memories with them.

Rita then lets a little girl have her soft toy and experiences the joy of giving. She then happily donates her things and gets back the things that her friends lost because of her.

Episode 19: Busyboots and the Four Princesses

Penny has to ripen the pineapples for the pineapple parade, and for that, she needs apples. Her great-aunt, Queen Busyboots, is meeting Queen Alana of the Apple Fruitdom to ask her for apples.

When Busyboots catches a cold, Penny and her friends take it upon themselves to host a tea party for Queen Alana. Busyboots had asked Penny to keep it simple, but Penny and her friends overdo it to impress their guest.

Busyboots then sends Fussy to get rid of all the things that the princesses had planned, and the tea party ends up being a disaster. When Penny apologizes to Queen Alana, Busyboots tells everyone that she is the one at fault.

Busyboots realizes that her way of doing things is not the only way and admits that she should not have interfered. The princesses also realize that they should have discussed their ideas with Busyboots. They decide to do that from now onward.

Luckily, they manage to impress Quenn Alana by showing her how much they care about their Fruitizens. She agrees to strike up a partnership with Queen Busyboots, as she needs pineapples from them the way they need apples from her.

Episode 20: Princess Freaky Fruit-Day

Great-aunt Busyboots tells Penny that she never had adventures like her when she was a princess. Penny, who wants to practice being the queen, suggests that they swap roles for the day so that they can both live each other’s lives.

While Penny deals with Busyboots’ duties, Busyboots joins Penny’s friends to solve the problem of the blueberry bushes not getting any sunlight in the Blueberry Fruitdom. They need to move the bushes, as there will be no blueberries for the Blueberry Festival if the bushes do not get adequate sunlight. 

Penny and Busyboots struggle to keep up with each other’s work. Like her great-aunt, Penny cannot do so many things at the same time, and Busyboots ends up causing an avalanche, which results in the blueberry bushes and goats getting buried in the snow.

However, Penny and Busyboots do not give up and find a way to adapt to their new roles. Finally, they both succeed. Penny takes care of her great-aunt’s duties, and Busyboots saves the blueberries and the goats. 

Busyboots thanks Penny’s friends for allowing her to join them for an adventure. Busyboots gets to learn a lot, and the princesses tell her that she is welcome to join them whenever she wishes. They seal the deal with a pinkie tea promise.

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