Sand Land: The Series review: Fun, adventurous tribute to Toriyama

Sand Land: The Series follows Rao, Beelzebub, and Thief’s adventure as they try to find water for their people, as they uncover the dark truth about their King and the Royal Army’s past. 


Sheriff Rao wants to do something about the water scarcity that his villagers are suffering from. He forms a team with Demon Prince Beelzebub and his subordinate Thief, to go on a search for the legendary lake. 

They find this legendary lake is nothing but the river that has been kept from the public with the help of a great dam, built because of the greedy King and the Supreme Commander Zeu’s plan to maintain their monopoly on the natural resource. 

The trio defeats Supreme Commander Zeu and break the dam, helping their people get free water, and plenty of it, again. Later, they find themselves helping Ann, the rebel daughter of the overthrown and exiled King Jam of Forest Land. 

Supreme Commander Bred and evil angel Muniel plan to become sole rulers of the country as well as Sand Land, by attacking it with an Aquanium blast. The trio is helped by a lot of people as it launches an attack on the foes.

Muniel is defeated, and so is Bred. Ann plays a key role in minimizing the damage. Beelzebub’s father Lucifer is freed from Muniel’s captivity, and so is his sister, and Ann’s mother, Lilith. King Jam assumes power once again.

The trio takes in a new member Ann, as they continue their adventures across Sand Land. 


The voice work is great across the table and the voice actors lend some unique characteristics and flair to their respective roles. 

Mutsumi Tamura is feisty and fun as the 2000-year-old adolescent Fiend Prince. Kazuhiro Yamaji lends much gravitas and gravel to his portrayal as the seasoned legendary fighter. 

Mikako Komatsu is as great as Ann and does equally well in the serious line deliveries as she does in the more jovial ones. Chō is very funny and endearing as the voice for Thief. 


The animation is gorgeous, eye-popping, and refreshing. The action is really well-choreographed and animated. 

The voice work is immaculate and the cast members do great work across the board.

The stories are gripping and despite the vibes looking carefree and juvenile, the content is mature and deals with dark themes and images.

The humor lands as well, and the chemistry between the characters wins above all. 


The plot armor and inevitabilities dilute some of the fun, and one may be left desiring for some more from the narrative at times. 

The sense of peril and injury does not feel as present in the second arc as it does in the first one. 


Sand Land: The Series delights with its beautifully animated action sequences and landscapes. The character designs feel so reminiscent of Toriyama’s other works, imbibing the show with a nostalgic feeling. 

Sand Land: The Series
Sand Land: The Series review: Fun, adventurous tribute to Toriyama 1

Director: Toshihisa Yokoshima

Date Created: 2024-03-20 12:30

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