Pacific Rim: The Black season 2 review: Imperfect but enjoyable sequel

Pacific Rim: The Black season 2 is a sequel to Pacific Rim: The Black. It continues to follow the story of Hayley and Taylor as they try to reach the Sydney base. The series is currently streaming on Netflix.


Taylor and Hayley want to go to Sydney in hopes of finding their parents. But this has to be cut short when they discover that Boy is a hybrid of Kaiju and humans. The Sisters think that he is their messiah and want to take him with them. 

Boy ends up getting severely injured. Mei suggests that the only way to save him is by taking him to the Kaiju whisperer who lives in the valley. 

As the group reaches the valley, they are ambushed by the sisters, and Boy is kidnapped. With the help of Shane, the group manages to escape. They plan to go on a mission to save Boy and are successful. Sisters aren’t happy with this. They scheme to retaliate.

As the group heads towards the Sydney base, they are attacked by a category 6 Kaiju sent by the Sisters. The Atlas destroyer is left to fend for itself as the group tries to reach the base. 


Despite being fast-paced, the story delivers all the emotional moments with admirable delicacy. The deaths of characters are given adequate time, allowing viewers to mourn with the other characters. 

Character development is evidently visible in almost all the lead roles. Hayley’s character is very interesting. She is strongly opinionated but also has a motherly aura around her. This is visible in her scenes with Boy. 

On the other hand, Mei is another strong female character in the series but is seen as apathetic. Unlike Hayley, she takes a logical approach to most situations rather than being blinded by emotions. These two contrasting yet similar characters break the old stereotype of what an ideal strong female character should be. 

The Sisters are particularly fascinating too. With a dark contrasting color palette and whispers that follows them everywhere, the filmmakers have done a successful job in making them look dangerous and mysterious. 


Shane, who is seen as quite villainous in season 1, has an unexplored redemption arc. His relationship with Mei is quite intriguing. It would have been interesting to see more of them together this season. 

The plot of the series is very predictable. After watching just the first episode of the series, one can positively predict the end. 

The fight in the last episode is very underwhelming. It fails to create an adrenaline rush that most good fighting sequences create. 

High Priestess and the sisters, in general, are very intriguing but remained unexplored. It would have been fascinating to learn about their past. 

The ending is very rushed. The final confrontation between Boy and High Priestess is very dry and anti-climatic. Perhaps an actual fight between the two would have been alluring to witness. 


Despite its predictability and minor shortcomings, Pacific Rim: The Black Season 2 is an enjoyable series to watch. Its quick pacing and multiple plot twists hold the audience’s interest until the very end.

Rating: 3/5

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