Pacific Rim: The Black season 2 summary and ending explained

Pacific Rim: The Black season 2 continues to follow the story of the 2 siblings as they try to make their way to Sydney base, fighting against the Kaijus they encounter along the way. The series is currently available on Netflix. 

Warning: This article contains heavy spoilers

Plot summary

The series starts right where it left off in season 1. Boy has transformed into a Kaiju and cannot transform back. Hayley wants to help him, but Taylor and Mei think it is useless and stupid. 

Hayley sticks to her stance and believes that Boy is still in there somewhere and they need to save him. Taylor thinks that since he is Kaiju, he is no different from others and will only try to hurt them. 

Hayley manages to help him transform back. They hear some Kaiju’s headed their way and Boy takes off. He starts running in alleyways, killing every Kaiju that he sees. He encounters 3 sisters. They think he is their Messiah and invite him to join them. They throw a parasite at him, which attaches itself to Boy’s skin. 

Hayley and Taylor finally manage to find an unconscious Boy. They try to remove the parasite from his body but are unsuccessful. Hayley is distressed and wants to help Boy. They rush back to Mei, hoping she’ll be able to help. 

Mei initially refuses but ends up helping them. She tells them about a Kaiju whisperer who lives in a valley and might be able to help Boy. Taylor ends up convincing Mei to accompany them. 

As they reach the valley, Mei and Taylor think that it is a bad mistake. They plan on using Boy as leverage to get out of there. Hayley disagrees and a fight breaks between the trio. 

They fight all the Kaiju and finally reach the middle of the valley. They realize that they’ve walked right into the Sister’s trap. They get in a fight with more Kaiju and the Sisters take Boy with them. 

Shane arrives at the scene and kills two sisters and captures one. He takes her to the group. After removing her mask, it is found out that she is Taylor and Hayley’s mother. They are emotional and try to hug her but she snaps at them which is dangerous. 

Shane suggests that the drift is the only way to save her. He goes in the drift with the mother and ends up dying there but saves the mother. The family reunites and shares an emotional moment. 

Their next destination is to rescue Boy from the Sisters before they change him too much. The high Priestess tries to control the mother’s mind and kills her. 

After a hard fight, the group rescues Boy from the sisters. But before they could escape, the sisters corner them. They try to control Boy’s mind and end up forcefully transforming him. 

If you have any doubts about the ending, here’s a complete breakdown.

Pacific Rim: The Black season 2 ending explained in detail:

The ugly reveal

The High Priestess controls Boy’s mind and forces him to attack The Atlas Destroyer. They get into a one-sided fight as Hayley doesn’t want to hurt Boy. At the last moment, Apex joins the fight and helps the group. He tries to hold Boy and scan him, searching if there’s old him still there inside. 

Boy, still under the control of the Sisters, doesn’t take this well and starts fighting Apex. With the help of Atlas Destroyer, Apex is finally able to bring Boy back in control. He is seen as regretful of his action. Hayley comforts him. The group finally starts their journey towards the Sydney base, with Boy on their side. 

The Sisters look mad that the group took their Messiah from them. They are seen vanishing as the High Priestess finally opens her mask, revealing her face. Her skin is ashen and rotten cuts decorate her face. The only distinct features that indicate that she isn’t a human are sharp teeth. 

High Priestess is ready to do anything to get Boy back under her wings and plans the group’s demise. 

A ray of hope

A kaiju is chasing Atlas Destroyer as the group makes their way towards Sydney. The AI informs them that Kaiju has disappeared. The group takes this as their cue to take a break. 

Hayley heads out and pets Boy, who is still in his Kaiju form. She tells him that she will love him no matter what. Boy purrs in happiness and stays close to the group. 

A Kaiju attacks them. Hayley asks the Boy to stay aside as they deal with it. But Boy doesn’t listen and kills the Kaiju. Mei looks very impressed by it. They continue their journey towards the Sydney base. 

But the peace is short-lived as the Sisters call a Category 6 Kaiju and send it their way. The Sydney base comes in contact range of Atlas Destroyer and Hayley tries to establish contact with them. She warns them that they are survivors and the Kaiju (Boy) accompanying them is friendly. 

The base doesn’t believe them and thinks it’s another shenanigan of Sister. The Marshal asks them to dispatch the sentries. With the sentries approaching from one end and Category 6 Kaiju from the other, the group is stuck in between, with no route of exit. 

A weapon

The Sydney base scans the area and finds that a category 6 Kaiju is approaching them, followed by approximately 2 dozen Kaijus. The Marshal looks worried and commands them to release DEFCON 2. 

DEFCON 2 fires missiles toward the group. One of the missiles is about to end Atlas Destroyer and possibly kill Taylor and Hayley but Boy manages to save them. The category 6 Kaiju is very powerful and manages to get out of the missile attack scot-free. 

The category 6 Kaiju attacks Atlas Destroyer. Taylor is finally able to inform the Sydney Base about their parents, and they call a ceasefire. 

Boy, who has now changed to his human form, has a direct encounter with High Priestess. She tells him that he belongs with them and Hayley has stained his pure soul. The boy looks angry and ends up ripping her heart out and killing her. 

Atlas Destroyer is fighting a lost fight with the category 6 Kaiju. The AI Lowa shuts the entire system. It tells Hayley and Taylor that it couldn’t save its last pilots, but it won’t be the same this time. It safely ejects both the siblings after expressing emotional sentiments with them. 

Lowa blows up Atlas Destroyer, resulting in a big blast. This kills the category 6 Kaiju but the Jaeger is destroyed too. 

Boy, Mei, Taylor and Hayley finally enter the Sydney base. They are united with their father. They give their mother a proper funeral and are seen heading towards their room, wanting to rest. 

The fate of Boy is still undecided. Hayley questions her father over this and he informs her that he is a weapon and will be studied at the base. 

The series ends on a happy note with Hayley hugging Boy and denying her father’s allegation. She claims that everyone can change, and so has Boy.   

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