Nothing to See Here review: A silly ride with plenty of heart

Nothing to See Here follows Alexis, a blind man, who moves to Mexico City to become a comedian. Accompanying him is his best friend since childhood; Charly, a man with cerebral palsy. The series is currently streaming on Netflix.


Alexis, blind by birth, wants to become a comedian so he leaves his hometown for the first time to go to Mexico City with his lifelong best friend Charly, who has Cerebral Palsy.

The two struggle to make ends meet until Alexis gets a gig. They encounter dangers, make friends, and convince a bar owner to get Alexis a gig.

When the time finally arrives, Alexis suffers from cold feet brought on by pressure and doubt in himself. He returns home and later, realizes his erroneous ways and goes back to his friend and lover in the city, making amends and resuming his journey to become a stand-up comedian.


Both Alexis and Kike are entertaining as the two leads, and bring not only their well-known humor into their perfomances but also a lot of heart and emotions that may surprise viewers and touch them.

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Paola Fernández plays the nervous Azul wonderfully, and shines exceptionally during the emotional scenes.

Alejandro Calva and Verónica Merchant make for two of the most adorable parents and also two of the best characters in Nothing to See Here.


There’s a lot of heart in Nothing to See Here and it does come across as a labor of love in many parts.

The leads are great but the push they get from the supporting characters who are really great at what they do makes matters even more worth one’s watch.

The jokes work and aren’t just reliant on the disabilities at the center being the focus of it all. At the same time, disabilities are frequently mentioned and are joked about by those who have them, without coming across as offensive or lazy.

What’s better is that the emotional scenes work just as well, if not better. There are scenes here that can make anyone choke and feel welled up with emotions.


The show does look like a rushed effort at times, and one is also left wanting more than what they get.

Sure, the silliness of it all is incredibly warm and also funny at times, but these characters deserve so much more than a laidback and easy narrative, which is not to say that it hurts the show in any dramatic manner.


Nothing to See Here is a hearty treat of jokes and emotions served up by two leads playing disabled characters while not having to fake it, which instantly makes it so fresh and does for representation not many other projects can claim to do.

Nothing to See Here
Nothing to See Here review: A silly ride with plenty of heart 1

Director: Anwar "Pato" Safa, Analein Cal y Mayor

Date Created: 2023-11-17 13:30

Editor's Rating:

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