Congrats My Ex! review: Thai-Indian romantic comedy leaves you wanting more

Congrats My Ex! is a charming Thai romantic comedy that revolves around the life of Risa, an energetic and dedicated wedding planner. Her already intricate work life becomes even more complicated and eventful when she is tasked with organizing her ex-boyfriend’s Indian wedding. Adding to the drama, Risa must hire a past love interest as the wedding photographer, leading to comedic and unpredictable events.


Congrats My Ex! features Risa, a wedding planner who ironically feels sick at the sight of couples in love. Skilled at her job, she faces a major setback when an accident at a wedding proposal she organized results in financial crisis for her company.

In a desperate move for business, they take on an Indian wedding, only to find out the groom is Risa’s ex, Arun, whom she dated during her studies in the UK. The relationship ended abruptly with Arun’s departure.

Complicating matters further, Risa’s other ex, Tim, whom she had distanced herself from due to lingering feelings for Arun, becomes the only photographer available for Arun’s wedding, rekindling old tensions and emotions.


Bella Ranee Campen shines in her role as Risa in Congrats My Ex!, effortlessly bringing life and vibrancy to the Indian aspects of the film. Her portrayal is not only visually striking in each scene, but she also excels in the emotionally charged moments.

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Her performance is a harmonious blend of fun and sentiment, captivating the audience with her versatile acting skills.

Bright Vachirawit Chivaaree, playing Tim, adds a charming presence to the film and his portrayal is quite endearing. However, his comfort level seems to waver during the more Indian cultural-specific scenes.

Mahir Pandhi and Anahita Bhooshan’s performances are a mixed bag. Their presence often feels awkward, lacking the natural ease seen in their co-stars’ performances.


Congrats My Ex! blends elements of Bollywood and Korean dramas, offering a visually dazzling experience with the glamour of an Indian wedding and the charm typical of Korean dramas.

The film excels in its bright and engaging moments, catering well to audiences who prefer light-hearted, aesthetically pleasing content without a deep narrative.

Despite its limited comedic impact, the movie benefits from the commendable efforts of its Thai cast, who manage to convey a range of emotions effectively in a story that otherwise lacks emotional depth.

A highlight is the film’s vibrant cinematography and stunning costume design, which collectively create a visually appealing spectacle. Moreover, the movie’s duration, at 98 minutes, is reasonably concise, making it a quick and easy watch for those seeking uncomplicated entertainment.


Congrats My Ex! struggles with several shortcomings. The film’s reliance on extravagant and loud aesthetics overshadows its comedic elements, leading to a scarcity of genuine laughter. The acting is often overdone, with many scenes characterized by exaggerated performances that can become irksome.

This issue is compounded by a clichéd and superficial storyline, where even the visually appealing cast seems somewhat uneasy, failing to add substantial depth to their characters. The narrative is further weakened by the presence of underdeveloped secondary characters that don’t add much to the plot.

Despite its brief runtime, the film feels stretched with numerous unnecessary scenes, contributing nothing meaningful to the story. The dialogue lacks impact, failing to convey the complex emotions supposedly experienced by the main characters.

The film’s handling of dramatic situations often feels trivialized, resolving serious moments too quickly and unrealistically.


While Congrats My Ex! aims to entertain with its vibrant production but falls short in delivering a compelling narrative, with a weak emotional core and a reliance on clichés and over-the-top scenarios.

Congrats My Ex!
Congrats My Ex! review: Thai-Indian romantic comedy leaves you wanting more 1

Director: Prueksa Amaruji

Date Created: 2023-11-16 23:26

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