MisEducation review: Teen comedy is a misfire

MisEducation follows Mbali’s attempts at reaching the top of the social hierarchy after her image is besmirched by her corrupt politician of a mother. The series is streaming on Netflix.


Mbali loses her peak spot in the social hierarchy after her mother, the Minister of Grants, is raided for corruption. Mbali moves to Grahamstown University to begin afresh with a whole new slate.

She instantly makes crushes, friends, and enemies too. Mbali makes a daring move to help her crush, Sivuyile Levin, win the presidential race. The opposition is tough, though, and Mbali has to up the ante more and more.

She rigs the election with the help of Jay and Natalie, but the evidence is soon recovered that gets Jay suspended, as well as Sivu.

Mbali tries to make things right but while it seems too late for that, her mother is not as she comes to Grahamstown with her dodgy ways.

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Buntu Perse does justice to her role and delivers one of the best performances in the show. Lunga Shabalala falters and certain points throughout the show.

Prev Reddy is quite believable in his role and his pain and hustle are legitimate, something that’s clearly conveyed through his performance.

Mpho Sebeng proves to be an intimidating force to reckon with and while a character like him is no easy work, Sebeng does a great job playing the different parts of his personality.


The runtime is a breeze and makes the binge that much easier on the eyes and mind.

There is a diverse set of characters in the main roster and it doesn’t quite come off as a lazy cast.

MisEducation has a certain charm that’s easy to overlook with all the glaring errors of your ways.


The jokes don’t land well and the comedy is far and wide in the show. There are many scenarios and comedy within said scenarios.

Except for a few characters, MisEducation is rife with subpar performances from actors.

It’s terribly hard to empathize with the protagonist as she commits one bad deed after another, and when the guilt dawns on her not her it’s a bit too late.


MisEducation is a teen comedy complete with a clichéd premise and a clichéd relationship. The jokes don’t work and the subpar writing and performances drag the show further down.

MisEducation review: Teen comedy is a misfire 1

Director: Catharine Cooke, Themba Mfebe, Lwazi Mvuzi, Rea Rangaka

Date Created: 2023-09-15 00:30

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