Me Time review: A generic and unfunny film that fails to impress

Me Time is a comedy film about Sonny, a stay-at-home father who takes some time away for himself, with disastrous results. The film is now streaming on Netflix.


Sonny is a stay-at-home father who supports his successful wife from the sidelines, and looks after the household and school PTA activities in monotonous succession.

He used to live a life of great thrill and adventure before marriage with his best friend, Huck, but has now drifted apart because of the differences in their living situations.

With feelings of inadequacy, a wish to prove his worth to his family and regain his individuality, his wife Maya gets him to take some time off and spend it doing what he wants to.

In a sudden turn of events, he ends up at Huck’s birthday party with people skinny dipping, and an eventual chase down with a lioness.

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The story then takes a turn as the two friends head on a small adventure back to Sonny’s house, where another party awaits them.

With everything from turtles and a loan shark ready to inflict harm, the narrative brings in too many elements, and does not provide a clear purpose or resolution for quite a few of them. 

The writing is generic, and does not bring the comedic effect one would expect. With a talented cast like this, the opportunities for making even a semi-decent storyline go wasted with an attempt at creating nothing more than a promotional video for other Netflix shows.


The main cast provides quite an underwhelming performance. Even Kevin Hart’s attention-grabbing on-screen persona does not add much to the film.

Ilia Isorelys Paulino provides one of the best performances in the entirety of the film as Thelma, the uber driver. Though she does not get a lot of scenes, she steals the show whenever she does show up.

With a lacking script and subpar performances, Me Time does not quite make the cut as an engrossing watch.


Maya is a pretty decent character, and her independence and self-assuredness are never portrayed negatively, which is commendable. She is a strong character, with one of the most well-written portrayals in the film.


The pacing of the movie is not well structured, and lags in quite a few places. Some situations drag on for longer than necessary, and this creates a very repetitive pattern inciting boredom even in more exciting scenes.

There is no depth or understanding of the characters, and no attempt is made to even provide a distinguishable character progression, not even for Sonny. There are strange contradictions and no actual look into their situations.

The several attempts at comedy often just fall flat and seem lackluster and overdone. For a comedy film, Me Time is a movie that strangely lacks any ounce of comedy.


Me Time is a film that merely acts as a promotional video for other Netflix shows, with no actual substance of its own to carry it forward, and a shocking lack of comedic scenes as well.

Me Time
Me Time review: A generic and unfunny film that fails to impress 1

Director: John Hamburg

Date Created: 2022-08-26 18:01

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