Me Time ending explained: Does Sonny make things right with his family?

Me Time is a comedy film that revolves around Sonny, a stay-at-home dad who gets some ‘me time’ as his family goes away on vacation, with disastrous results. The movie is now streaming on Netflix.

Warning: This article contains heavy spoilers

Plot summary

Me Time is a narrative that is structured around Sonny’s time spent alone after years of being a stay-at-home father, and supporting his wife from the sidelines.

Sonny is a responsible father figure, caring and tending to his children’s needs, and acts as the primary caretaker of the household, alongside leading the parents association and volunteering at the local school.

Doing this, however, also takes a toll on his own individual wants and personal time, and he leads a life where he is satisfied with what he has, but also wishes for a bigger venture of his own.

So when an old friend, Huck, calls him and invites him to his birthday party, Sonny’s wife Maya convinces him to take a break and consider heading out to meet Huck while she takes the kids to her parents’ house over spring break.

Sonny does not wish to go back to a life of undue adventure with Huck, and refuses to go to his birthday party, but eventually gets bored alone at home and decides to go.

This party ends up being not quite what Sonny expected, starting with seeing Huck and his friends skinny dipping, and reaching up to a harsh lioness attack.

Maya and the kids are visited by Armando, a friend and business partner of hers. Sonny feels a rivalry between himself and Armando in a bid for Maya’s attention, and gets riled up when he hears of this.

At the same time, Huck’s party also gets broken up by a loan shark he had borrowed a great deal of money from, and Sonny volunteers to help him out with it so that he does not have to escape the country.

The two stay back to salvage items from the spreading fire, and rekindle their friendship as they interact further. They also spontaneously head out on a great adventure to trash Armando’s home, and end up accidentally running over one of his turtles.

Sonny also volunteers to continue with Huck’s party at his house and the two, along with their uber driver who helped out, return to a house packed full of people.

Things take a dramatic turn right after Sonny sings a soulful duet with his favourite artist, and this ends up ruining his relationship with Huck as well as Maya and the kids, who arrive at that moment.

Maya and Sonny decide to go on a short break, and Sonny gears up for the final day of the school talent show he had been planning all along.

Me Time ending explained in detail:

What happens at the school talent show?

From the very beginning of the film, Sonny had put in a lot of effort to choose, train and get students ready to perform in the school talent show.

When the day finally arrived, Sonny had set his son as the final act to play a piece on the piano, to follow in his father’s footsteps. However, this was not his true calling and the two ended up having a big fight on stage.

It was this fight that acted as a catalyst for Sonny to understand his mistakes, and reflect on areas where he went wrong.

He realises that what was supposed to be a fun event for the children became a misguided way for him to redeem himself and prove his worth to his family, and the community at large.

How does Sonny make things right with his family again?

After the fight with his son on stage, Sonny apologises to his family and also to the audience, and encourages his son to perform what he truly wanted to.

After his son is done with the comedy skit, and all students are permitted to showcase their talents aside from the rigid selection process, Maya approaches Sonny and the two make things right again.

Do Sonny and Huck patch up?

Soon after, Sonny hopes to make things right with Huck again and heads out to look for him, locating him via a tracking app.

He fears the worst and rushes over to save him, only to see him working on the loan shark’s boat. Sonny convinces his friend to rethink his decision and urges him to start life afresh, with a new venture of their own to make back the money he owes.

With Huck’s party skills and Sonny’s kid skills, the two decide to start a party planner business, and join hands on this new journey together.

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