Grimcutty review: A ridiculous concept with cliched performances

Grimcutty follows an internet challenge that is wreaking havoc in a suburban town. Asha, a teenager, tries to fight the wrath of the entity that has come to life out of the same meme. The movie is now streaming on Hulu.


Asha, an ordinary teenager in a suburban town, hopes to make it big through her online videos about self-help.

She comes from a family that believes there should be a limit when it comes to using modern technology. Asha’s father, Amir, and her mother, Leah, often urge Asha and her brother, Kamran, to have a phone-free outing every week.

Amir and Leah’s concern grows when a meme called “Grimcutty” circles the internet, with parents claiming that it compels kids to hurt themselves.

While Amir forces his kids to stay away from all the technology, Asha rebels and stays adamant to figure out the truth behind this meme when this entity called Grimcutty comes looking for her.


Almost none of the performances in the film are convincing enough. They are quite cheesy, and the terrible dialogue further ruins the performances of the least number of actors who are actually trying.

Usman Ally as Amir is the one whose performance will make the viewers roll their eyes. The actor tries too hard to be the strict parent but his actions and expressions make him out to be a very boring and weak antagonist from any other film.

Tate Moore as Cassidy Johnston had a strong presence, though the show didn’t explore her further with her being a supporting character.


The story, as ridiculous as it could be, still keeps you hooked until the end.

It probably has to do with the question of how a meme could be alive. Though the movie doesn’t really answer that, it’s a ride to see the lead character discover a way to get rid of the entity coming at her.


The creature itself, Grimcutty, isn’t as scary as it should be. The CGI fails to make the entity threatening enough. The creature looks pretty cartoonish when it appears at Oliver’s party.

The leather attire of the creature is best for a 90s slasher, rather than a modern-day horror that takes place during the internet era.

Furthermore, it is haunting an entire town, yet the viewers don’t feel the impact the movie is trying to portray.

The creature, who is supposed to be the main threat, gets overshadowed by the message of the film, which is not conveyed properly either.


Grimcutty comes off as an easily forgettable slasher with terrible performances. Using internet memes and ghost stories is not necessarily a bad idea, but the film fails to execute it well.

Grimcutty review: A ridiculous concept with cliched performances 1

Director: John Ross

Date Created: 2022-10-10 00:00

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