Ferry: The Series review: Uninspired crime drama lacks excitement

Ferry: The Series revolves around the rise of Ferry Bouman, a drug lord who does everything in his power to cement his place in Brabant’s underworld. The series is now streaming on Netflix.


Ferry: The Series is a sequel to Ferry. Ferry is seen living a happy life with Danielle, who is his fiancée now. However, Ferry’s life is not picture-perfect. He has run out of money and is struggling to sell his Ecstasy pills in large numbers. 

Ferry gets the opportunity to get better buyers when the police raid the lab of Arie Tack, the local drug kingpin who controls the Ecstasy market. With Tack’s business shut for the time being, Ferry can steal his customers.

Tack supplies to Pusaka, a motorcycle gang that transports the pills to Australia. Ferry decides to meet the leader of the gang and manages to get his first big order, but he does not have the material to make and deliver a million pills in a week.

Ferry takes one risk after another to deliver the order on time and ends up ruffling Tack’s feathers in the process. Additionally, as Ferry climbs the ranks of Brabant’s criminal world, he grows apart from the people he values the most.

Will Ferry be able to keep his loved ones close, or will his ambition and the danger that comes with his job make him lose them all?


Frank Lammers and Elise Schaap give convincing performances. The two actors looked comfortable with each other, which makes it easy to believe that their characters have been together for some time now.

Lammers seems like a man who is determined to make a place for himself in Brabant’s underworld, no matter what it takes, and Schaap makes her character’s fears, doubts, and anxieties very apparent throughout the show.

Raymond Thiry appears heartbroken, laden with gloom and despair. There is also Tygo Gernandt, who plays Ricardo, a man whose words carry weight. Gernandt is able to highlight his character’s authority and directness.

While Koen De Graeve’s performance is not bad, it is not great either, as he falters whenever he has to be anything other than guilty or conflicted. Lastly, Alice Reijs gave an adequate performance.


Marco’s story has layers that the audience will appreciate. Although he chooses to get involved in illegal activities, his reasons for the same are understandable, if not excusable. The audience would not want to see him pay the price, even though his success means the protagonist’s defeat.

The show manages to depict Lars’ fear in a way that the audience will be able to grasp his situation. It is no secret that Tack is just trying to scare him, but Lars’ agitation seems valid, as the audience can see what Lars is going through.


The story of Ferry’s success is quite predictable, as it has the same betrayals, rivalries, and problems with the law that have already been seen in other shows based on drug lords. It is not very original.

For the most part of the show, Danielle has a hard time coming to terms with Ferry’s work, but once she discovers her friends’ secrets, she has no qualms about Ferry killing people. Her acceptance of Ferry seems too sudden to be believable, and every issue that she raises throughout the show becomes meaningless.   

The show is about Ferry becoming a notorious drug lord, but the show makes his success look too easy. The fact that he always succeeds takes the excitement out of the show. After a certain point, the protagonist starts looking like a hero who cannot be defeated or stopped. 

Furthermore, another factor responsible for the lack of thrill is that no character in the show inspires fear. Tack, Ferry’s main adversary, is simply not terrifying. On the other hand, the Pusaka seems fearsome in the beginning, but they always side with Ferry, so even they do not pose danger.


Ferry: The Series’s plot is not very unique or even exciting, but the show is not entirely dull either. The fans of Undercover and Ferry can give it a chance. 

Ferry: The Series
Ferry: The Series review: Uninspired crime drama lacks excitement 1

Director: Eshref Reybrouck and Joël Vanhoebrouck

Date Created: 2023-11-03 23:59

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