Ferry: The Series summary and ending explained

Ferry: The Series follows the titular character’s journey as he goes on to become a notorious drug kingpin. The series is now streaming on Netflix.

Warning: This article contains heavy spoilers

Plot summary

After the events of Ferry, Ferry and Danielle buy a house together and live a life that seems perfect. They get engaged and find out that Danielle is pregnant. Danielle is happy with Ferry, but she does not know that Ferry is struggling financially. 

Ferry cannot get anyone to buy a lot of Ecstasy pills from him, as he has not been able to penetrate the market yet. Fortunately for him, Arie Tack, the drug kingpin who controls the Ecstasy market, has his lab raided by the police. 

Tack was supplying to Pusaka, a motorcycle gang that transports the pills to Australia. With Tack behind bars, Ferry tries to steal his clients. He takes a huge risk and goes to make a deal with the leader of Pusaka.

Ferry carries some pills with him and meets the gang’s leader, Ricardo, who keeps the pills but does not make a deal with Ferry as Ferry had hoped. However, later the same day, Mick de Boer, the World President of Pusaka, comes to meet Ferry and gives him an order worth 1 million euros.

Ferry takes the order, but he soon realizes that he does not have enough material to fulfill it. Tack, who is out of prison now, offers to provide the material in exchange for splitting the profits equally, but Ferry refuses.

Instead, Ferry sends Lars, Danielle’s brother who makes the pills for Ferry, and his two friends, Dennis and Remco, to work for Tack in order to find the location of Tack’s lab. Once they know where the lab is located, Ferry sends his hired men to steal the materials from Tack’s lab.

After stealing the materials, Ferry is able to deliver the order on time, and an impressed Mick asks him to deliver the same amount every month. When Tack finds out that Ferry’s men were behind the theft, he gets his men to kidnap Lars and torture him.

However, with Pusaka by his side, Ferry gets Tack to compensate him for torturing Lars. As Tack cannot hurt Ferry, he resorts to terrorizing Lars. A paranoid Lars starts doing drugs even when he is making the pills. He even buys a gun for his safety.

This leads to Ferry sending Lars away from the lab to give him some time to calm down. Lars then goes to Tack’s house under the influence and shoots at him. While Tack is not hurt, the shooting gives him an excuse to target Ferry.

Ferry asks for Mick’s help once again. Mick arranges a meeting with Tack, as Ferry wants to compensate him and ask him to let the matter go. Mick is helping Ferry so much because he wants Ferry to be their new supplier.

It turns out that Mick tipped the police about Tack’s lab because he believes that Tack is getting too powerful. When Ricardo comes to know about this, he kills Mick and mediates the meeting himself. Ferry shows up with his brother-in-law, John, who has not been fine since Ferry’s sister died of cancer.

Tack refuses to let bygones be bygones and insults Pusaka, which leads to Ricardo killing him. Now that Tack has been taken care of, Ferry can do his business with Pusaka without any worries. He even asks his and Danielle’s friend, Marco, to work with him.

Marco and his wife, Sabien, own a hair salon. Marco wants to make and sell his own shampoo. By providing Ferry with sassafras oil, which is used in making shampoos as well as Ecstasy, he will not only be helping his best friend but also making his own dream a reality.

Meanwhile, Danielle starts disapproving of Ferry’s business, as a little girl gets hurt after falling into the chemical waste that Lars dumped carelessly. When her brother tells her that Tack was killed during the meeting and that Ferry murdered people in Amsterdam, she decides to leave Ferry.

Ferry intends to deliver just one last order and then stop doing business with Pusaka. However, he changes his mind when Ricardo pays him 3 million euros instead of 1 million for the order. Ricardo claims that he can help Ferry earn a lot of money, and Ferry agrees to become his partner.

Ferry’s troubles are far from over, as an officer from the National Drug Agency visits Marco and questions him about buying a large quantity of sassafras oil. They suspect Marco of working with Ferry, and although they do not have evidence against him, it still scares Marco.

Danielle, who is now living with Sabien and Marco, refuses to go back home with Ferry, as she thinks that the man she fell in love with does not exist. She does not want her child to grow up the way she did and have a father who is a criminal.

At the same time, an anxious Marco finally tells Sabien that he has been working with Ferry behind her back. He also tells her that the police hinted that he will not face prison time if he helps them catch Ferry.

Sabien convinces Marco to take the deal, and Marco tells the police everything he knows about Ferry’s business, but he is told that his statement is not enough to charge Ferry. Marco must now help them get evidence against his best friend.

Ferry: The Series ending explained in detail:

Why does Marco agree to wear a wire?

Ferry comes to Marco’s house to meet Danielle, and as he is drunk, he ends up telling Marco that he is going to deliver an order to Pusaka. Marco informs the police about the delivery.

On the other hand, Ferry misbehaves with two police officers and is put in jail, so it is Dennis and Remco who go to deliver the pills to Ricardo. The police arrive there, but they fail to find evidence against Ferry and Ricardo because Dennis, Remco, and Ricardo’s men escape with drugs.

The incident makes Ferry and Ricardo think that there is an informant among them. The two of them will not be doing business until the informant is found. 

Marco has done his best to help the police, but as long as they do not have concrete evidence against Ferry, he will be in danger of being sent to prison. Marco is blackmailed by the police and forced to wear a wire to get Ferry’s confession.

Do Danielle and Ferry end up together?

Danielle never wanted Marco to get involved in Ferry’s business, and she never wanted to hide Marco’s involvement from Sabien, but Sabien still gets angry with her when Marco tells her everything. Sabien asks Danielle to leave her house, and Danielle is left with no one by her side.

Danielle then gets into an accident and finds out that she is not pregnant. Her pregnancy test came out positive because of premature menopause. As this is a hereditary condition, the doctors cannot do anything about it, which means that Danielle cannot have children.

With nowhere else to go, Danielle goes back to Sabien’s house to live with her for a day. At a time like this, when both Ferry and Danielle are devastated, Sabien sends Marco to talk to Ferry and get his confession.

Marco not only gets Ferry’s confession but also a bag full of cash that Ferry asks him to give to Danielle. This bag can be used as evidence. Marco feels guilty about betraying his best friend and wants to give the money to Danielle, but Sabien does not let him.

Danielle overhears Sabien and Marco’s conversation and finds out about their betrayal. She then calls Lars to talk to him about the murders that Ferry committed. When Lars tells her that he would not have been alive if it was not for Ferry and that Ferry has always protected him and Danielle, she decides to be with Ferry.

Is Marco dead or alive?

Danielle returns to her and Ferry’s house and informs him about Marco’s betrayal. Ferry discusses the issue with John, who tells a reluctant Ferry that he has no choice but to kill his best friend.

The next day, Ferry stops Marco outside the police station and takes him to a secluded place. Marco apologizes to Ferry, promises to go to jail for him, and tells him that he helped the police only because he was scared, but Ferry does not care anymore.

Once Ferry and John get Marco to hand over the evidence to them and find out what Marco told the police, Ferry kills him, even though Marco pleads for a second chance. John and Ferry then bury his body where no one will be able to find him.

Does Ferry go to prison?

When Marco does not reach the police station and Sabien tells them that there is a possibility that Danielle might have heard her and Marco’s conversation, the police conclude that Ferry has done something to silence Marco.

They bring Ferry in for questioning, but Ferry does not answer any of their questions. Sabien also goes to talk to Danielle to convince her to testify against Ferry, but Danielle knows that Sabien does not care about her and refuses to aid her in any way.

In fact, if needed, Danielle will testify that Ferry was with her at the time Marco disappeared. As the police have no evidence against Ferry, they are forced to let him go. 

Ferry then meets Ricardo and tells him that they can work together again. However, they will never see each other again, as they will be communicating through John from now on. 

Ferry has finally become a hardened drug lord who only works on his own terms. The show ends with Ferry and Danielle getting married in front of their friends and family.

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