Extraction 2 review: Top-notch action continues to shine in the sequel

In Extraction 2, Tyler accepts a job that sees him rescuing his ex-wife’s sister from her gangster husband. The movie is now streaming on Netflix.


Tyler is rescued from his previous mission. However, his chances of surviving are low. Nik doesn’t lose hope and stays adamant about keeping him alive. Tyler eventually gains consciousness. He is allowed to go into retirement at a shady cabin in Gmunden, Austria.

Tyler’s retirement doesn’t last long. A man sent by his ex-wife, Mia, has a job for him. Davit Radiani, the husband of Mia’s sister, Ketevan, is forcefully keeping Ketevan and their kids in prison with him.

Davit and his brother, Zurab, run a gang in Georgia and have a billion-dollar operation there. They practically run the country and have all the politicians in their pockets.

Tyler’s job is to rescue Ketevan and her kids from prison. Once he starts this mission, he will be facing a gang war inside the prison. Ketevan should be afraid of just one gang, but Tyler, on the other hand, will be facing the wrath of both of the warring gangs while he tries to bring Ketevan and her kids out alive.

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Chris Hemsworth fairly retains his performance as Tyler Rake, who is now broken down since his last mission. Hemsworth continues to be a formidable lead character who receives the best action sequences and even dialogues.

This time around, Hemsworth clearly isn’t taking all the spotlight. Golshifteh Farahani, as Nik Kahn, is also involved in some well-grounded action scenes. None of the action scenes make either of them look like superheroes; their characters may take on a number of enemies at once, but they fight the way well-trained mercenaries will.

Hemsworth and Farahani shine during action sequences. They could have also made a mark for themselves during emotional scenes, but the film doesn’t dive deep into these situations and sticks strictly to the action part.


In this sequel, Extraction, as a film series, proves that it doesn’t necessarily need to create complicated and intricate storylines to make its plot work. The action sequences already have a good amount of storytelling and emotion in them.

The 21-minute-long one-shot action sequence goes through several different stages. At every point, there is a different threat that surrounds the characters in a completely different setting than before.

Extraction 2‘s action is also unpredictable. It often puts characters in a position where it’s hard to figure out how they are going to save themselves.

Chris Hemsworth’s character, Tyler Rake, receives some of the best comebacks. They aren’t exactly funny, but they continue to establish Tyler as a confident mercenary.


All in all, Extraction 2 is an action-packed venture, but the same amount of action isn’t visible in the film’s climax. The confrontation between Tyler Rake and the movie’s main antagonist is simple, and the fight choreography isn’t the best either.

The main antagonist, Zubar, is very generic and not threatening at all. The entire story of his life and the movie’s plot is more like filler for the film series. The presence of Idris Elba’s character at the end, teasing something big, further pushes the fact that this wasn’t that big of a mission.


Extraction 2 continues to be a thrilling ride where the action does all the talking. A viewer doesn’t really need to pay attention to the complications of the story. They can just enjoy the fight sequences, which are highly entertaining and engrossing.

Extraction 2
Extraction 2 review: Top-notch action continues to shine in the sequel 1

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