Extraction 2 summary and ending explained

In Extraction 2, after barely escaping death, Tyler accepts another job that is closer to his family. The movie is now streaming on Netflix.

Warning: This article contains heavy spoilers

Plot summary

Tyler is rescued from his previous mission, but his chances of surviving are bleak. Nik stays adamant and is sure that Tyler will get back on his feet soon.

Tyler eventually comes back to his senses, and Nik is glad that she didn’t give up. Tyler is allowed to go into retirement in Gmunden, Austria, and seek peace in a shady cabin. All of his chickens, stuff, and his pet dog are shifted there.

Tyler’s retirement doesn’t last too long. A mysterious man, sent by his ex-wife, Mia, shows up at his house to offer him a job. Mia’s sister, Ketevan, and her kids are locked in a Georgian prison by Ketevan’s husband, Davit Radiani, who is forcefully keeping them there.

Davit and his brother, Zurab, run a gang in Georgia and have now built quite an empire of their own since the last time Tyler saw them. Davit, Zurab, and their gang members call themselves the Nagazi.

Davit and Zurab have a billion-dollar heroin operation in Georgia. The brothers practically run the country and have many politicians in their pockets. Only because of the Americans, Davit is still in prison.

Tyler’s job is to rescue Ketevan and her kids. Tyler accepts the job, and also invites Nik and her brother, Yaz, to join in. As planned, Tyler enters Tkachiri Prison to pick up Ketevan and her kids.

Not everything goes as planned. One of the prisoners sees Tyler, Ketevan, and her kids escaping. The prisoner signals the others, and in a matter of moments, a prison riot starts.

Davit shows up to stop Tyler and Ketevan from escaping. Tyler and Ketevan, together, kill Davit. Tyler’s team manages to take Ketevan and her kids on a train. The Nagazi chase Tyler’s team.

Tyler’s team escapes them, and though their train receives a rough landing, all of them survive. The team leaves for Vienna, where they will receive medical treatment.

Ketevan’s elder son, Sandro, isn’t happy about leaving his father behind. He has been brainwashed by his father’s ideologies, and he sees himself as a Nagazi. Hence, the moment he gets a chance, he contacts his uncle, Zurab, and tells him about their location.

Sandro later regrets his action after having a heart-to-heart conversation with Tyler, the person who killed his father. Zurab and the Nagazi arrive to attack Tyler’s team and kill whoever murdered his brother.

Zurab feels the loss of his brother, and he is hell-bent on killing them all. Tyler, Nik, Ketevan, and Ketevan’s daughter, Nina, barely escape. They only lose Yaz after this battle. Sandro, on the other hand, joins his uncle, Zurab, only to find out that Zurab is going to kill his mother no matter what.

Tyler, Nik, Ketevan, and Nina come to Tyler’s cabin, where Tyler and Ketevan reunite with Tyler’s wife and Ketevan’s sister, Mia. To this day, Tyler regrets walking out on his son and Mia when they needed him the most.

Extraction 2 ending explained in detail:

Does Zurab die?

Zurab himself calls Tyler and invites him to come and take Sandro. Zurab thinks this is going to be a negotiation, but Tyler assures him that he isn’t coming for that. Tyler, all alone, head-on attacks Zurab’s men and kills most of them.

When Tyler comes close to Sandro and Zurab, he sees a bomb tied around Sandro’s body. Zurab assigns Sandro the task of taking Tyler’s gun and killing him.

Sandro has now seen how the Nagazi function and how Zurab killed his own uncle. Therefore, he isn’t able to kill Tyler. Zurab takes matters into his own hands. That’s when Nik arrives, and Zurab holds Sandro at gunpoint.

Sandro escapes the clutches of Zurab, allowing Nik to shoot Zurab. While Tyler fights Zurab, Sandro gets his hands on the remote for the bomb that is tied around him. Nik disables the bomb, while Tyler successfully kills Zurab.

What happens to Mia and her family?

The cops arrive moments later and arrest Tyler and Nik. They are put in different prisons. Mia visits Tyler and lets him know where her family is. Ketevan and her kids are under witness protection.

Mia helped her break a deal with the Americans. Ketevan told the Americans about the business of the Nagazi. However, by doing so, Ketevan lost all her assets. Tyler offers the money he has.

Before leaving, Mia assures Tyler that his son’s last image of Tyler wasn’t of his father walking out on him; he saw his father going out to save people. In his last moments, Tyler’s son mentioned that he wants to be brave like his father. Tyler breaks down as Mia says goodbye.

What happens to Tyler and Nik?

The man Mia sent to Tyler to tell him about this job picks Tyler and Nik up from their respective prisons. He offers to get them out of prison if they do another job for them.

The man doesn’t reveal his name. What matters is who he works for. He promises Tyler that he is going to love his boss.

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