Emily in Paris season 3 review: Visually vibrant with a charming narrative

Season 3 of Emily in Paris revolves around Emily navigating choppy waters in her personal and professional life simultaneously. The season is now streaming on Netflix.


Emily chooses to work with Sylvie but she can’t bring herself to tell Madeline that she quits Savoir so she works both jobs. It does come back to bite her and Sylvie fires her.

Madeline is forced to accept defeat after the business dries up and she goes back to Chicago but Emily quits because she wants to stay in Paris. Eventually, she gets hired by Sylvie because she constantly has good ideas.

Emily and Alfie go through a rough patch before making up and Camille and Gabriel’s relationship also see troubles as Gabriel is busy with the restaurant and Camille has an affair with an artist named Sofia.

Mindy’s relationship with Benoit meets its end when Nicolas walks into her life and she begins dating him while he maintains a tumultuous work partnership with Emily.

Emily has so many decisions to make and she mostly comes out on top until the rug is pulled out from under her.


Lily Collins is very bubbly and likeable as Emily Cooper and her turn as the proactive marketing influencer is extremely genuine and at times relatable.

Lucas Bravo and Lucien Laviscount are similarly affable as Gabriel and Alfie respectively. They both come across as genuinely nice men with good intentions.

Ashley Park plays Emily’s best friend, Mindy and while her acting is enjoyable, her performances as a singer within the series are absolutely fantastic and mesmerising.

Philippine Leroy-Beaulieu, Samuel Arnold and Bruno Gouery round out Collins’ colleagues in the agency and each brings their own flair to the screen.


This series is consistently a visual spectacle and this season is no different. The grandiose depiction of Paris and the extremely fashionable outfits are clear highlights.

The tone is set right from the first episode as Emily falls straight to the bottom and has to build things back up again. This journey of hers is charted carefully and is entertaining to follow.

The soundtrack is very hip and trendy but the performances of Ashley Park in the jazz club are on another level altogether. The bilingual performances are a wonderful showcase of the culture.

The cinematography plays a huge part in the elegance of this season as not the locations and the costumes, but even the food and so many other little aspects are captured alluringly.


The promiscuity and relationship merry-go-round is slightly reductive and goes one step too far this season. The characters a not with the person they’re meant to be with, for added drama which is unnecessary.


Emily in Paris season 3 is a great continuation of the series and is a pleasant binge. There is so much to appreciate about the visual aspects but beyond that, the story is well-written and worth the commitment.

Emily in Paris season 3
Emily in Paris season 3 review: Visually vibrant with a charming narrative 1

Director: Andrew Fleming, Alison Brown, Erin Ehrlich, Peter Lauer, Katina Medina Mora

Date Created: 2022-12-21 13:30

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