Emily in Paris season 3 ending explained: Does Emily end up with Gabriel or Alfie?

Season 3 of Emily in Paris revolves around Emily navigating choppy waters in her personal and professional life simultaneously. The season is now streaming on Netflix.

Warning: This article contains heavy spoilers

Plot summary

Emily has decided that she wants to work for Sylvie at her new company but she doesn’t want to just leave Madeline high and dry so she tries to juggle both jobs at the same time.

When it gets too overwhelming and Sylvie finds out, she fires her immediately. Emily does her best to stay loyal to Madeline after that as Sylvie tries to take her old clients along to her new company, Agence Grateau.

Benoit books a gig at a jazz club for the band and Mindy gets an offer to come back and perform there regularly. Alfie is supposed to be leaving for London and Emily plans a farewell party but she misses it because of work and he leaves in a huff.

Sylvie wants to keep the clients she worked so hard to get at Savoir but Madeline lets them know that there is a non-compete clause in their contracts. Madeline and Emily meet with Antoine to ensure he works with Savoir rather than Sylvie and Emily is surprised to find out that Alfie is Antoine’s new CFO.

Madeline and Sylvie are both struggling and Emily and Luc convince Madeline to ask Sylvie to come back to Savoir. Sylvie isn’t interested because she still has Pierre Cadault but it is announced that Pierre’s brand has been bought by the fashion company, JVMA.

Madeline realises that things are not working for them in Paris and Savoir is shutting down but Emily doesn’t want to go back so she quits and continues to stay in Paris. She mends things with Alfie and their relationship goes along well.

Gabriel’s restaurant is doing so well that he doesn’t get enough time to spend with Camille. She gets closer to Sofia, the artist who is exhibiting her work in Camille’s gallery.

Emily spends her unemployment exploring Paris and keeping herself busy while she broadcasts all of it on social media. Sylvie realises that Emily would be a great asset and asks her to come back and work for her, to which Emily says yes.

At Alfie’s housewarming party, Emily sees Camille making out with Sofia but doesn’t tell anyone except Mindy. Mindy meets the owner of JVMA, Nicolas who she knew from boarding school in Switzerland. Benoit is immediately a little possessive when he sees Nicolas and Mindy.

The agency holds an event promoting a limited edition Mclaren at Antoine’s bastide in Provence and Alfie, Gabriel and Emily all head there with Camille going to Greece with Sofia for “work”.

At Provence, Erik gets insecure about his relationship with Sylvie after learning that she had an affair with Antoine at one point. When Laurent shows up later on, Erik decides that he’s had enough and leaves.

Nicolas and JVMA are having trouble dealing with Pierre Cadault so he calls Emily and asks Agence Grateau to help. They plan on dropping Pierre from the brand and having Gregory Dupree take over.

Sylvie doesn’t want to betray her friend so easily and tries to keep the news a secret from Pierre as long as she can. However, they eventually tell him and then Emily figures out a way for him to come out on top.

Meanwhile, Benoit breaks up with Mindy because of his insecurities and she soon starts dating Nicolas. The Cadault fiasco causes friction between Emily and Nicolas and makes things tough for Mindy.

Gabriel gets drunk one night and tells Emily that he loves her and Camille equally but doesn’t remember any of it. Camille returns and Gabriel says that their relationship is stronger than ever and plans on proposing.

Julien is frustrated because Emily keeps hijacking his pitches with her ideas and he feels underappreciated. Emily is worried about Gabriel and Camille because she knows about Sofia.

Gabriel also wants to aim for a Michelin star for his restaurant and asks Antoine for a raise and more staff. With Alfie’s help, Antoine offers Gabriel an ownership stake and lets him change the name of the restaurant, so he names it after his grandmother, calling it “L’Espirit de Gigi”.

Emily in Paris season 3 ending explained in detail:

What happens at Gabriel’s restaurant?

Gabriel goes all out to make his restaurant look good and his grandmother, Gigi also drops by to help with the cooking. He is so determined to get that Michelin star but everyone else is more grounded about that happening.

Emily finds out that Luc dated a woman named Marianne who was a Michelin inspector. He reaches out to her and takes her to the opening of the restaurant as Emily tells Gabriel that he needs to impress her without explicitly saying who she is.

While they’re all at the chateau for Gabriel and Camille’s engagement party, the restaurant is kept open with Gigi running the kitchen and Marianne visits again with Luc, singing praises of the food.

She tells him that she might just end up giving the place a Michelin star and he tells Emily and Gabriel that if Gabriel continues to maintain his standards, the star is guaranteed.

Do Emily and Nicolas bury the hatchet?

Mindy’s stint at the Jazz club comes to an end and Nicolas hosts a party after her final performance to celebrate her. Emily tries to apologize to Nicolas but he tells her to leave so she makes up an excuse for Mindy and goes.

Alfie later tells Mindy what happened and she argues with Nicolas about it because Emily is her best friend and the closest thing to family in Paris so he needs to be better.

They are also invited to the engagement party but Nicolas takes his time to pick up Mindy. In the meantime, Benoit shows up and tells her that he submitted their song to the Eurovision contest and they get selected.

She almost kisses Benoit when Nicolas calls to tell her that they can make it in time. They arrive at the chateau by helicopter and Nicolas apologises to Emily for the way he treated her.

What does Julien do?

Julien is already frustrated after Emily piggybacked on his idea with his last client and hogged all the spotlight and something similar happens when he brings in the fashion brand, Turner and Ascot.

He has a fit and leaves in the middle of the presentation. Sylvie apologises for not listening to his concerns and asks him to stay because she will handle the issue.

He later sends an email to someone regarding their job offer and asks them to keep his decision a secret.

What happens at the Chateau?

Everyone shows up to the chateau for the celebration and when Emily finds Camille talking on the phone, she tells her that she knows what happened with Sofia. She asks Camille to tell Gabriel because he’s a nice guy who doesn’t deserve this.

Later that night, when Gabriel and Emily are getting the information about the Michelin star, Camille sees them and walks away. Gabriel shares the news and asks if they can get married immediately.

With the ceremony almost done, Camille says that she doesn’t want to go through with it because she knows that Gabriel and Emily love each other no matter how much they deny it.

Alfie is also hurt to hear this and he tells Emily that he doesn’t want to be her second choice and leaves. Gabriel goes up to Emily later and tells her that when Camille returned from Greece, she didn’t want to fix things, she wanted to tell him that she was pregnant.

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