Di4ries season 2 part 1 review: An adorable, promising come-of-age story

In season 2 of Di4ries, the children of 2D move to a new environment and face new challenges as they hope to stay together until high school. The episodes are streaming on Netflix.


The sit-in protest of the kids from 2D was unsuccessful, and now they begin the final year of middle school in Marina Grande, where the locals make it clear that they aren’t wanted.

However, they have each other and make a pact to stick together and pick the same high school, even if some of them have different aspirations. New romances bloom, some of them go through crises of confidence, and friendships are put to the test as the school year goes on.

It doesn’t help that students from Marina Grande behave so rudely, like Katia and Sara, who enjoy bullying and making fun of the students of 3D and driving a wedge between them and Livia.

Pietro has romantic troubles of his own, Guilio gains a new goal in life, Bianca is the newbie of the group who wishes to stay, and Daniele wants to test his dancing ability with the best.

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The performances by each and every child are commendable, but their relative experience is incredibly obvious. Their portrayals are subjectively accurate for middle schoolers, but that means that they can be easily critiqued because they lack nuance.


The age-appropriate way in which these kids’ relationships are depicted is admirable. They occasionally show maturity beyond their years and make the same mistakes normal young teenagers would.

The storylines of each of the students are balanced just right. Their narratives are weaved together well and they progress nicely, if at times rushed.


The way these kids talk about love and relationships cannot be taken seriously simply because of their age. It’s a tough position because the audience is well aware that these are children, but they also want to enjoy the content which sometimes means ignoring the obvious flaws.

The fourth wall break is overused and diminishes the emotional impact of many scenes. It is impressive how the background actors remain in character but they still remain in focus and the character breaking the fourth wall in that moment seems quite silly.


Di4ries is a cute series that audiences above a certain age will not enjoy but it is still well made. Season 2 has a good narrative and the young cast does their absolute best to provide a good experience.

Di4ries season 2 part 1
Di4ries season 2 part 1 review: An adorable, promising come-of-age story 1

Director: Alessandro Celli

Date Created: 2023-10-11 12:30

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