Di4ries season 2 part 1 summary and ending explained

In season 2 of Di4ries, the children of 2D move to a new environment and face new challenges as they hope to stay together until high school. The episodes are streaming on Netflix.

Warning: This article contains heavy spoilers

Plot summary:

Pietro talks about a beautiful summer he spent with Livia and how he’s so glad that their sit-in protest worked, but in truth, that did not happen. It is their first day in Marina Grande and fortunately for him, all of his friends are together in 3D.

Livia still isn’t talking to him and has made some new friends named Katia and Sara. Pietro and Katia don’t seem to get along too well. Guilio and Arianna are still dating, but Guilio feels that Arianna is a bit too possessive.

His cousin, Bianca joins them in school that year as she keeps moving around with her mothers. Daniele is keen to join the dance group “Xmob” but lacks the courage to ask them.

Pietro manages to get a trial on the local basketball team and makes a new friend named Roby who also goes to Marina Grande. He finds Isabel pretty and asks Pietro for help in asking her out. Monica has a summer crush on a boy named Manuel who stays in a different town.

Katia and Sara collect money from the students of 3D to host a welcome party but when the kids arrive, they find a sign that says people from Marina Piccola aren’t allowed.

They head to Bianca’s parents’ shop by the beach and have a great time. Livia is at Katia’s party and joins her friends later on where they tell her what Katia did. Pietro makes a pact that they will all stick together and apply to the same high school at the end of the year.

The more time Livia spends with Katia and Sara, the more she realizes how much of a bad influence they are. She shoplifts with them and skips school, and they keep making fun of her friends from Marina Piccola.

Guilio wants to break up with Arianna but she beats him to the punch. He develops an interest in gaming and finds a programming app that lets him design games. He realizes that he would like to learn computer science in high school, which means breaking the pact.

Arianna finds herself the victim of Katia and Sara’s bullying. They troll her on social media and make fun of her weight which dents Arianna’s self-confidence. Daniele asks to join the Xmob group but they say that they don’t want anyone from Marina Piccola.

They call him a bad dancer and he momentarily believes it, but when they ask him to join their team for a dance battle, he is excited. However, it is short-lived as they tell him it was a one-time deal and kick him out again.

He doesn’t let it affect him too much as everyone else saw how well he danced. Bianca gets a role in a musical and has to move to Milan with her parents, but she likes her life here and suffers from panic attacks because of the stress.

Mirko helps her deal with the attacks and tells her that she needs to talk to her parents about her feelings. Bianca finally tells her parents that she wants to stay and they agree to her wish.

Isabel agrees to go out with Roby but she helps Pietro train for the basketball team and develops a crush on him. She doesn’t act on it because she doesn’t want to make things more complicated.

Pietro wants to apologize to Livia but he rarely gets the chance. He doesn’t like Katia because her mother is his father’s new girlfriend. He also doesn’t like the way she treats the Marina Piccola kids.

Di4ries season 2 part 1 ending explained in detail:

What happens between Isabel and Pietro?

Isabel keeps training Pietro until he finally gets on the team. He also develops some feelings for her and feels jealous whenever he sees her and Roby together, even though Isabel also has doubts about her relationship with Roby.

Pietro calls Isabel home one day and makes it snow on his balcony using a snow machine because of an inside reference they shared. The two of them share a kiss but they cannot tell anyone else because she is still supposed to be with Roby.

Does Katia learn her lesson?

Katia and Sara continue bullying Arianna and keep pulling Livia into their plans. When Katia spends time with Sara alone, she always gets annoyed and puts Sara down.

They decide to go to the store to shoplift some more but there’s a security guard who notices Livia taking something. Pietro saw them going in and followed them. When he sees Livia in trouble, he distracts the guard so that she can put the item back.

Katia and Sara run away while Livia is left behind, and she tells them the next day at school that she doesn’t want to hang out with them anymore. Katia is always acting out because she barely gets any attention from her parents.

On Christmas Eve, she and Sara spend time together but her attitude finally crosses the line and Sara leaves, with Katia left all alone.

What of the pact?

Monica wants to pursue classical studies, while Guilio wants to do computer science. Pietro suggests having a Christmas party with a gift exchange, and Monica and Guilio promise to share their feelings that night.

Everyone arrives and gets their various gifts. Isabel gives Pietro a snow globe as a reminder of their kiss. Pietro gives Livia the earrings she almost stole and she appreciates it.

Pietro gives all of them tree ornaments as gifts and tells them to put it on the tree and make a wish. When it is Guilio’s turn, he tells everyone that he wants to computer science. Monica backs him up but there is conflict and Pietro and Guilio fight.

The tree is knocked down and Pietro tells everyone to leave. Livia returns to get her bag and finally accepts Pietro’s apology, while also suggesting that they might get back together.

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