Copenhagen Cowboy review: A visually remarkable yet tame affair

Copenhagen Cowboy is a noir thriller series about a young woman named Miu with supernatural powers who goes on a quest to get revenge. The series is streaming on Netflix.


Miu is a powered individual who is believed to bring luck to everything around her but in reality, her powers vary between granting new life or death.

She’s passed around like a commodity but she doesn’t sit idly and let it happen. She makes sure the people who mistreat her suffer miserably and helps out the people who are kind to her.

She ends up in the bowels of the criminal underground of Copenhagen while trying to help out a woman who gave her a place to stay and treated her with decency. What follows is mostly a trail of death and destruction.


Angela Bundalovic gives in a haunting performance as Miu. The vacant expression on her face throughout most of the series is made all the more effective when she shows rare moments of emotion, be it happiness or surprise.

The rest of the cast simply exists to revolve around Bundalovic’s protagonist and all of them support her well. Zlatko Buric and Andreas Lykke Jørgensen are particularly memorable among the rest.


The series is mesmerizing to watch with all the neon hues of blue and red. The repeated use of arc shots and a perpetually moving camera makes the cinematography especially memorable and effective.

The sound department racks up another positive for the technical side of the film as the score and sound design are exemplary. They accompany the fight scenes in perfect harmony producing magic on screen.


The story is far too complicated and poorly structured. There are far too many unclear plot points that aren’t explored sufficiently leaving the audience with more questions than answers.

Coupled with the fact that the series moves at a snail’s pace, there is much to be desired about the director’s vision for this venture.

The climax of the series is a huge letdown and as mentioned before, throws up multiple loose ends and not enough clarification on what is actually going on. The truth about Rakel or what exactly Miu’s powers are should have been explained further.


Copenhagen Cowboy is a creation of Nicolas Winding Refn that fails to truly impress the audience from a narrative standpoint but will certainly capture their fascination with its audiovisual mastery. Despite being just 6 episodes, it is a lumbering journey to the end and barely makes sense by the conclusion.

Copenhagen Cowboy
Copenhagen Cowboy review: A visually remarkable yet tame affair 1

Director: Nicolas Winding Refn

Date Created: 2023-01-05 13:30

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