Copenhagen Cowboy ending explained: Does Miu get her revenge?

Copenhagen Cowboy is a noir thriller series about a young woman named Miu with supernatural powers who goes on a quest to get revenge. The series is streaming on Netflix.

Warning: This article contains heavy spoilers

Plot summary

Miu is a young girl considered to bring good luck to the people around her. She is acquired by a woman named Rosella and her husband Sven because Rosella wishes to have a child despite her advanced age.

Rosella’s brother Andre owns a brothel and the girls from the brothel live in her basement. Cimona is the only one among the girls who is nice to Miu but they all agree that life in Rosella’s house is hell.

It is soon established that whatever Miu provides, she can easily take back. Rosella gets pregnant but after Miu sees how Cimona is treated she decides to reverse the effects and Rosella wakes up one day bleeding from her privates.

Cimona and Miu plan to run away together but as Cimona is headed to the meeting point, she’s picked up by a strange man who strangles her on a pig farm.

Rosella is terrified of having Miu in her house so she sends her to Andre’s brothel. Miu doesn’t stick around there for long and as soon as she gets the chance, she escapes.

She stops by a Chinese restaurant but the owner, Mother Hulda, sends her off at closing time. Miu returns when a pregnant woman shows up at the restaurant’s doorstep in the midst of labor.

After bringing the stillborn child back to life, Hulda offers Miu a place to stay and fake identity papers for her safety. The restaurant is called the Dragon Palace and is owned by a Chinese gangster known as Mr. Chiang.

First, she goes back to Rosella’s place that night and after tying her up, she burns the whole house down.

He suffers from constant migraines so he visits Hulda to get Miu’s help. While she clears his head, she learns that he’s holding Hulda’s daughter, Ai, hostage.

The man who killed Cimona is named Nicklas and he lives in a mansion with his mother Beate. They own the pig farm where Nicklas killed her and their family also appears to be supernatural.

Miu runs into him when she goes there with Hulda to buy some pigs. She finds out how many women he has killed and he chases after her, eventually leading to a fight between them.

Miu beats him handily and leaves him unconscious in a pit of pigs as the animals begin to eat him alive. Miu continues to help Mr. Chiang with his migraines and asks that he return Ai to Hulda in return.

Mr. Chiang gives her a number and tells her that if she can get that amount in 7 days, he will honor their deal. Miu reaches out to Miroslav, a lawyer from her past who she claims owes her.

He gets her a job slinging drugs. When a gang war erupts, Miu takes advantage of the chaos and gets her hands on 8 kilos of cocaine which she hands to Mr. Chiang as payment.

He tells her that he doesn’t want the drugs and flushes them down the drain. He gives her another task of killing a man and shows her a picture. The man turns out to be Dusan, one of Miroslav’s close friends.

Nicklas survives but is greatly disfigured. He gets a message from his dead sister, Rakel, who says that she can get his revenge if he can revive her. To do that he must feed her their mother’s blood, so he kills Beate.

Miu kills Dusan to honor her deal with Mr Chiang after learning about her past from Miroslav. He begs her not to curse him and she assures him that she won’t.

Copenhagen Cowboy ending explained in detail:

Does Mother Hulda get her Ai back?

After killing Dusan, Miu takes Hulda to Mr. Chiang’s place where he is waiting for them with Ai. He draws a picture of a three headed snake and tells Miu that Hulda isn’t what she says she is.

He says that it is very hard for him to uphold his end of the bargain because Ai is his daughter as well, but he will do it because Miu cured his mind.

Hulda leaves with Ai but Miu does not go with her and tells her that they will never see each other again.

What happens between Miu and Mr. Chiang?

Mr. Chiang tells Miu that he fell in love many times but each time he was cheated which is why he closed off his heart a long time ago. He asks her if she can cure his heart as well by sleeping by his side for the night.

She agrees to do it and the next morning, Mr. Chiang says that he slept peacefully. He asks her if she will marry him because he feels connected to her on a different level.

When she says no, he tells her that if he doesn’t get to marry her, he will kill her as well as everyone else she cares about including Hulda and Ai.

They fight each other and once again, Miu proves a formidable foe and kills him.

Does Rakel face Miu?

Nicklas entrusts a hunter named Arne to hunt down sustenance for Rakel so that she may return to full strength. He kills a man in the forest and cuts out his heart to feed Rakel.

She immediately feels her powers come back to her and tells Nicklas that Miu is just one of many.

After fighting Mr. Chiang, Miu finds herself in the woods with Nicklas’s victims including Cimona. They are all wearing similar blue jumpsuits and they lead her to open clearing.

She closes her eyes and sees Rakel. Rakel screams and the shrill sound causes great discomfort to Miu as tears stream down her face.

What does Miroslav do?

Miroslav has a video call with a man named Hideo and tells the man that he fears his life is in danger because of Miu. Hideo tells him that there is only one way he can ensure his safety.

He advises Miroslav to go to the Giants because they’re the only ones capable of fighting Miu and Miroslav accepts as Hideo gives him one final word of caution.

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