Catching Killers season 3 review: Plain docuseries fails to be captivating

Catching Killers season 3 recounts the crimes and arrests of the Railroad Killer, New York’s Zodiac Killer, the Olympic Bomber, and the DC Sniper. The docuseries is now streaming on Netflix.


The first episode of Catching Killers follows the crimes of the Railroad Killer, who targeted people who had homes near railway lines, and how he took pride in his murders upon finding out that the authorities are after him.

The second episode explores the case of the Zodiac Killer copycat that emerged in New York in the 1990s and made everyone believe that the original one is back.

The third episode looks into the bombings that began at Centennial Park during the 26th Olympic Games and followed onto other locations near Atlanta, and how the bomber eluded federal investigators for a very long time before being caught.

The last episode of Catching Killers goes back to October 2003, when people in Washington, D.C., lived in fear, afraid of the snipers who are targeting random people in the city.


Catching Killers season 3 has a clear-cut goal of only exploring the investigative side of things. The episodes are relatively short, and only important aspects of the cases are discussed and presented.

The documentary includes candid moments of the guests appearing. The viewers get to see the guests being funny, giving opinions about each other, and being downright emotional. One starts understanding them and laughing and crying with them.


Catching Killers season 3 relies on an age-old format of documentaries. It can work for the series, but it feels like the show fails to emphasize the importance of catching the killer.

The show should make the most of its limited time. It’s almost like the show only does the job of laying out the events that transpired one by one.

It doesn’t properly explore the emotion behind these events in depth. In this show, the investigating officers are the ones that are important. The viewers are introduced to them, but the pain they went through while investigating these cases isn’t felt.

Hence, the cases may be intriguing, but the way the show is exploring them isn’t that great of a ride. The exploration will not leave the viewer shaken.


Catching Killers season 3 covers the basic and important parts of some popular criminal cases. It does a great job of introducing these cases to the viewers, but the viewers won’t understand the frightening environment these murderers created once upon a time.

Catching Killers season 3
Catching Killers season 3 review: Plain docuseries fails to be captivating 1

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