Ariyoshi Assists review: Chaotic and absurdly funny

Ariyoshi Assists is a Japanese variety show that features popular Japanese host Hiroiki Ariyoshi as he helps 10 different celebrities host their own version of a variety game show. The series is streaming on Netflix.


Hiroiki Ariyoshi joins well-renowned celebrities such as GENERATIONS, IKKO, Summers, Tenshin Nasukawa, and many more in this variety game show where the stars act as guests host with Ariyoshi assisting them.

The contestants in these games are comedians and household names who have to take part in the ridiculous games seen on Japanese variety television.

Each episode is specifically designed to highlight the talents of the guest host as the audience is treated to hilarious situations with just as silly results.


In true Japanese game show fashion, the production in this series is eccentric and over the top. The comedians are put through the paces in games that are frankly terrifying at times but ultimately provide buckets of fun.

Visually, the series is an explosion of color and extravagance. The set is exaggerated, the costumes are farcical, and the on-screen captions are vibrant and eye-catching.


The series doesn’t do a great job of introducing the guest host to foreign audiences. There is no introductory video or bio at the beginning with the episodes starting directly with a vague mention of the guest’s specialty.

There is also very little adherence to the concept of the series as the guests are inconsistent as “hosts” and Ariyoshi is mostly a professional presence. There’s almost no structure to the episodes as they’re allowed to carry on in a disorderly manner.


Ariyoshi Assists is a typical Japanese gameshow that contains wacky contestants and buckets of laughter in content that would be better appreciated by Japanese audiences. There isn’t enough consideration given to foreign audiences as the unfamiliar guests aren’t properly introduced to viewers but it is still entertaining to watch.

Ariyoshi Assists
Ariyoshi Assists review: Chaotic and absurdly funny 1

Director: Kazuaki Hashimoto

Date Created: 2023-03-14 12:30

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