What We Do in the Shadows season 4 episode 7 recap & review: Pine Barrens

In episode 7 of What We Do in the Shadows season 7, Nandor, Laszlo and young Colin Robinson go on a weekend hunting trip with Sean while Guillermo and Nadja have the whole house to themselves. The episode is now streaming on Hulu.


Nandor, Laszlo and young Colin Robinson are travelling to the Pine Barrens where their neighbour, Sean, has a cabin. They’re going on a hunting trip but there is tension between Nandor and Laszlo.

Nadja is pleased that the boys are out of the house so she can have some free time with her girls just to let loose and relax. Guillermo also thinks he’s alone in the place and invites his family over for dinner as he’s lied to them that the house belongs to him.

Nandor thinks Laszlo is an annoying know-it-all while Laszlo feels that Nandor is an idiot who doesn’t really know much about anything. They are constantly at odds throughout the trip and argue in front of young Colin Robinson.

Even when they go out on a hunt for humans late in the night, they argue and ruin their chances of catching one. Guillermo and Nadja are still unaware of the other’s presence inside the house.

Guillermo welcomes his family into the house and even makes up a lie to cover up the presence of the camera crew in the house. His uncle keeps pulling his leg and taking shots at him for his sense of style.

Nadja decides to have some fun with her doll, Marwa and the Guide. Nadja believes Marwa fits right into their group and is happy that she joined along. They choose to watch Mamma Mia for the night.

Sean tells a story of the Jersey Devil, a mythical creature that attacks people at night and kills them. Nandor and Laszlo claim that the Jersey Devil is just a lie created by vampires to explain the dead bodies they leave behind in the woods.

Nadja gets up to get a drink and runs into Guillermo and his family. Guillermo initially tells them that she is the maid but is reminded that he introduced her as his girlfriend in one of his older lies.

Nadja is forced to join them for their meal. Guillermo’s grandmother pulls him aside and tells him that the girl he’s dating is a vampire and explains that because of their Van Helsing heritage, they can always tell when someone is a vampire.

Their blood begins to boil and it feels like they’re about to burst into flames. Nadja meanwhile, is having a blast with Guillermo’s family and struggles with how such a boring man came to belong to such an interesting family.

Things get heated between Nandor and Laszlo and literal shots are fired until Sean wakes up and points out that young Colin Robinson is missing. The two of them immediately go out in search of him.

The situation gets too much for Guillermo’s family to bear and they start attacking Nadja and chasing after her through the house, following their inner instincts. Guillermo stops them and tells the truth about working for them because wants to be a vampire.

He also comes out as gay but they say that they already knew that part about him and he is so relieved to hear that they’re fine with it.

While they’re out in the woods, Nandor and Laszlo be honest with each other and share that the reason for their anger is that they don’t hang out with each other as much anymore. Their friendship has soured and it has left them both a little sad.

They make up and eventually find young Colin Robinson. When they return to the cabin, they see the actual Jersey Devil dragging Sean but they manage to fight it off.

Nadja agrees not to drain Guillermo’s family and justn hypnotizes them to forget about the vampire stuff as long as he gets the boys out of house for one night every month so that she can have it for herself.


  • The standout moment of the episode is Guillermo coming out as gay to his family and them being so accepting of the situation. It is more widely accepted these days but it still counts as a nice emotional moment on screen.
  • Matt Berry is a brilliant actor with such a distinct style that is timeless. His work as Laszlo the British vampire is one of the most consistent standouts of the What We Do in the Shadows.
  • The sets of the inside of the house are on special display in this episode as it is top notch work. The design department has really done well with the look of a Victorian era mansion that is falling apart.
What We Do in the Shadows season 4 episode 7
What We Do in the Shadows season 4 episode 7 recap & review: Pine Barrens 1

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