What We Do in the Shadows season 4 episode 6 recap & review: The Wedding

Episode 6 of What We Do in the Shadows follows the vampires in the lead-up to and during Nandor’s wedding to Marwa and how Guillermo struggles to put it together. The episode is now streaming on Hulu.


Nandor’s wedding is approaching and he hasn’t slumbered in a week because he wants to have the perfect wedding and is paranoid that there are people who want to see it fail.

Guillermo is the one taking care of the arrangements and he hasn’t slept in a week either because of all the ridiculous requests that Nandor has been making for the wedding.

Laszlo reminds Nandor to invite their neighbours, Sean and Charmaine, to the wedding and Nandor takes it as yet another attempt to sabotage his wedding, piling his anger on Guillermo.

Nadja and the Guide see Guillermo losing his head and offer to take some responsibilities off him because Nadja needs her Guillermo to still be able to function as her accountant.

Nadja and the Guide task themselves with convincing the Baron to officiate at Nandor’s wedding but the Baron is embarrassed about his burnt husk of a body.

They suggest that he get a makeover which leads to a dress-up montage with Nadja, the Guide, the Baron and the Sire trying out different outfits and thoroughly enjoying themselves.

Marwa asks Nandor to somehow have her parents attend the wedding so Nandor begrudgingly uses one of his wishes to have them brought back to life but only till the end of the wedding festivities. He’s getting closer to finishing his wishes and becomes pickier about how he uses them.

Nadja insists that he use his wishes to move along the wedding preparations so Nandor ends up using his final wishes on the Baron getting his body back, a dodo bird for the wedding and for Marwa to like whatever he likes.

Nandor comments on how he regrets wasting some of his wishes on truly trivial matters like closing his coffin just because he couldn’t reach the handle.

The time for the wedding arrives with the guests filing into the venue. The Baron begins the ceremony but when he asks if anyone wishes to speak against their union, multiple people bring up issues, holding up the wedding for over an hour.

Nandor finally stops them all and says that he wants to get married to Marwa and she seconds his opinion, saying that she initially had doubts but suddenly had this realisation that she likes whatever he likes.

At the after party, Nandor asks Marwa when she got the sudden realisation and when she replies it confirms Nandor’s doubts that she only agreed to marry him because of Nandor’s wish and this leaves him dejected.

The Djinn gifts Nandor a new smaller Djinn lamp that only has three wishes and tells him to be careful about them. Marwa shows her appreciation for Guillermo and says that she doesn’t know what she would do without him.

Nandor later finds young Colin Robinson drawing on an exhausted Guillermo’s face and he shoos them away and then places a jacket over him as he sleeps.


  • This episode is slightly shorter than usual and runs pretty quickly as compared to other episodes. There are more subtle references than any major plot points being focused on apart from the wedding.
  • With the Baron regaining his body, the chances of him having more of a recurring role increase. He might occupy similar importance as the Guide who makes regular appearances to influence the story.
  • Nandor’s new Djinn lamp is an interesting development and it will be intriguing to see how he plans to use those wishes.
  • This episode hinted at Nandor’s affection for Guillermo both directly and indirectly. After so many seasons, there might be some concrete developments on that end.

Rating: 2.5/5

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