What The Folks season 4 episode 1 recap: Truth Bombs

Dice Media is back with a new and final season of their successful YouTube web series about relatable modern Indian parents, ‘What The Folks’. As the name of the episode suggests, the 24 minutes are filled with truth bombs (and product placements).


Anita and Nikhil are determined to tell Anita’s parents their decision today. But they are not determined enough to inform them by themselves and try to push this task on one another. According to Anita, Nikhil would have a better chance to make them understand as he can play the son-in-law card and for Nikhil, Anita should undertake the task as she suggested that they should wait for the right time.

Akshata spares no time to make fun of her sister and her husband but her smile is quick to fade as she is reminded that she also needs to discuss her own decision with their parents.

Dice Media took the name of the episode literally and dropped a meta truth bomb in the first 2 minutes, confronting the fact that the actor playing the sisters’ father has indeed changed. They drop another meta truth bomb later in the episode while acknowledging the fact that their dialogues do indeed get cringey sometimes.

Anita and Nikhil finally find the courage to talk to their parents and what is a more attractive option than discussing at the notorious dinner table. Saying “We need to talk” at the dinner table is almost a universal sign of saying “Yes, I need to tell you something. AND you are not going to like it.”

Finally, they tell their parents that they want to adopt a child instead of bringing a child into the world. Though it seems like a wise decision, their excuse for it seems fully illogical. According to the young couple, bringing a new life into this world is a thing of responsibility. So, is adopting a child not? Do they not need to be responsible for the adopted child?

Upon hearing this, like most Indian parents, their first reaction is dismissing what their children say. Talks of the sweet Mysore Pak are followed just after. Their mother is quick to understand their brave decision but now the poor father has to act like he is okay and is being as “open-minded” about it.

So, he asks when will they be informing about the adoption to Nikhil’s parents. But this question only brings more disappointment as his parents have known about this for the past 2 months. Anita’s parents are obviously offended for not being considered “progressive”.

After dinner, Akshata is ready to unload her truths because why choose another day; let’s add pressure on an already stressful day. She tells her parents that Siddharth has asked to marry her and without even knowing the person very well or because they have been dating for three years, the instant reaction is “you are impulsive”.

Anita’s concerned father is still not fully on board with their decision about the abortion and he may have some valid reasons for it. But both, mother and father, are not convinced about Siddharth. They are ready to understand and learn more.


  • It’s refreshing to see the same issue from both the parents and the youngsters’ point of view treated in a fun and light manner.
  • The jaw-dropping odd timings and dialogues for the product placements are enough to drag the audience out of the story. It is absurd.
  • The first episode looks promising as it is hinted that Siddharth will be coming to meet Akshata’s parents.

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