Guillermo del Toro’s Pinocchio: Release date, cast, synopsis, teaser & more

Guillermo del Toro’s Pinocchio is a stop-motion animated film that will be a darker, grittier retelling of the iconic fairy tale of a wooden boy whose only dream in life is to one day become a real one.

Release Date

While the exact date is yet to be announced, the film will premiere on Netflix in December 2022.

Cast and creators

  • Cate Blanchett
  • Finn Wolfhard
  • David Bradley
  • Ewan McGregor
  • Ron Perlman
  • Tilda Swinton

Directed by: Guillermo del Toro, Mark Gustafson


“A dark, twisted retelling of the famous Carlo Collodi fairy tale about the wooden puppet who dreams of becoming a real boy. When Pinocchio comes to life, he turns out not to be that nice of a boy, creating mischief and playing mean tricks. He eventually learns a few lessons.”

Other details

Unlike most versions, which take place in an unspecified time in the 1800s, Guillermo del Toro has said this version will take place in 1930s Italy under the rule of Benito Mussolini and the National Fascist Party.


Sebastian J Cricket claims that no one really knows the true story of the wooden boy the way he does because he actually lived in his heart.

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