Vinland Saga season 2 episode 3 recap & review: Snake

The third episode of Vinland Saga season 2 sees the farm’s bodyguards encouraging Olmar to kill Thorfinn and Einar. The episode is now streaming on Netflix.


Olmar talks about how life has been hard for him lately. As a 17-year-old, he is struggling to be a kid and an adult at the same time.

Farm’s bodyguards, Fox and Badger, try to calm him down, but it backfires on them. Olmar instead questions if they are laughing at him and if they are fit to be their bodyguards.

Fox proves how good they are by taking Olmar down. Olmar begins crying after being defeated in seconds.

Fox wants the Ketil Farm to like them. He understands that Olmar thrives to be a real man. Therefore, he offers a way to help him become one.

Einar wakes up looking forward to a busy day. He hears Thorfinn screaming and waking up from a terrifying dream. Thorfinn doesn’t remember what the dream was.

Einar advises that dreams you forget are better forgotten. They both go to the well to freshen up. That’s where Einar crosses paths with the same woman he saw on his master’s cart the other day.

A nervous Einar talks to the woman while Thorfinn washes his face and tries to remember what he dreamed about.

The woman introduces herself as Arnheid. She isn’t the master’s daughter. She is a slave just like them who serves the master as his personal attendant.

Fox and Badger interrupt their conversation. They invite Einar and Thorfinn for a job. Thorfinn tells Einar about these two. They are guests here on this farm. They are the resident defensive force. Basically, the farm’s bodyguards.

Fox and Badger ask Thornfinn and Einar to stand in the middle of their camp. They start encouraging Olmar to kill them if he wants to become a man.

Since Olmar’s father owns these two slaves, Olmar can do anything with them. A terrified Olmar is barely able to stand on his two feet.

Einar intends to defend himself and Thorfinn. He takes Olmar down and directs Thorfinn to escape and run to their master as fast as he can. Thorfinn doesn’t move an inch. He stays and offers himself as the sacrifice in exchange for letting Einar go.

Fox is fascinated by how Thorfinn isn’t afraid of death. He plans to scare Thorfinn. He slightly attacks Thorfinn with his sword and continues to do so. Thorfinn starts bleeding everywhere, but he doesn’t even flinch.

A frustrated Fox uses his full force on his last swing. That’s when a dark-haired man shows up and stops him. Olmar calls him ‘Snake’ while all the men in the camp refer to him as their boss.

The dark-haired man punches Fox in the face and knocks out a few of his teeth. The bodyguards in the camp start shivering. The man then asks Badger to explain what is going on here.


  • Vinland Saga introduces another group that resides on the farm. The fact that they are so carefree suggests that the farm has hardly faced any attacks and is quite a peaceful place.
  • With the way the creators portray the farm, the anime depicts the calm nature of this place. Again, it’s gorgeous and somewhere one would love to live far from the world’s noise.
  • The show adds beautiful, acoustic music to the scenes on the farm. It plays especially during Arnheid’s introduction. This scene is all about the comfort one would feel in a place like this.
  • The episode ends with the appearance of the fearsome leader of the bodyguards, who could be one of the important characters aiding Einar and Thorfinn in the future.
Vinland Saga season 2 episode 3
Vinland Saga season 2 episode 3 recap & review: Snake 1

Director: Yoji Sato

Date Created: 2023-01-23 22:00

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