Vinland Saga season 2 episode 2 recap & review: Ketil’s Farm

The second episode of Vinland Saga season 2 sees Einar becoming familiar with how things work at his master’s farm. The episode is now streaming on Netflix.


Einar’s master introduces Einar to Thorfinn. He tells them that they are going to work together from now on and asks them to say hello to each other.

The master gives them a piece of land that looks like a forest and calls it a future wheat farm. He lets Einar and Thorfinn borrow this land full of forests. Over the course of the next three years, they both will clear this land, work, and reap the harvest.

Then he will buy this land from them at a fair price. Once that amount exceeds their price, both Einar and Thorfinn will buy themselves back and will be free to go.

Einar is surprised to hear that their master is offering them a way to earn their freedom back. Now he is more determined to work harder than ever. The master commands Einar to observe how Thorfinn works for the day.

Einar, desperate to be free, picks up work on his very first day, though he is tired from the journey. Thorfinn speaks to him much less frequently and only about work.

Einar struggles on the first day and grows hungry. He wonders when and where they will get lunch at their master’s farm. Thorfinn tells him that some people will come to deliver their lunch.

Soon, a group of people arrives. They hand Einar their lunch pack, which contains a piece of cheese and half a piece of bread.

Einar questions if that is all they get. In return, one of these people speaks rudely to Einar. He explains how he is lucky that he is at least getting something to eat. On top of that, they, the free men, are delivering it to him.

The man demands a ‘thank you’ from Einar, who is not pleased by this behavior. Thorfinn intervenes and takes the food from Einar’s hands. He thanks the man and ends this argument at once.

A furious Einar wants to report this to his master. Thorfinn advises against it. Einar tries to have a conversation about this, but Thorfinn couldn’t care less about what went down. Einar then confronts Thorfinn, but before things could escalate, their master arrives.

Einar starts speaking against the men they met, but the sight of a girl on a cart right behind his master leaves him speechless.

Since Einar has nothing to say, his master and the girl on the cart leave. Einar and Thorfinn watch as they go. Thorfinn questions why Einar didn’t report. Einar asks him to shut up.

The next day, Einar observes his master working on his own farm. He never knew that rich men also work. This is something new to him.

On that day, he sees Olmar, his master’s son, who has no interest in working on the farm. He doesn’t plan to inherit it either. He aims to become a warrior and fight.

After arguing with his father, Olmar leaves the farm right away. At night, he sleeps with a girl who also likes to think that he should stay on the farm.

The girl’s parents secretly hear their conversation. The next minute, Olmar comes out and exclaims that all these families in the town want him to marry their daughter because they are after his father’s fortune.

Two drunk men take Olmar away so that they can calm him down and hear what he has to say.

Einar, in a barn, wonders why Olmar has no interest in his father’s farm. He plans to become a warrior, which, according to Einar, is a really bad choice.

Einar has seen warriors, and he likes to think they are no less than monsters. He shares what happened to his village with Thorfinn. After completing his story, Einar asks Thorfinn if he is fast asleep.

Thorfinn, on his side, remembers his own past, where he saw a village burn down.


  • Vinland Saga season 2 seems to have become a slice-of-life drama by leaving the brutal wars and fights behind. Still, that dark past is what drives the main characters here.
  • Even with this new turn, the show continues to be exciting. After watching how slaves are treated, the character of Einar’s master is quite interesting. He is offering Einar and Thorfinn a way out, something most of the slaves in Vinland Saga don’t get.
  • Einar spacing out the moment he sees that girl on the wagon is a classic rom-com moment done right. It’s written beautifully, and one would cheer for Einar, who has lost every other person beloved to him.
  • Olmar, the master’s son, doesn’t seem cocky or like a spoiled brat. He is an ambitious and likable character who desires to carve his own path. Time will tell how Olmar develops the moment he witnesses the true nature of war.
Vinland Saga season 2 episode 2
Vinland Saga season 2 episode 2 recap & review: Ketil’s Farm 1

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