Tokyo Revengers season 2 episode 9 recap & review: Dawning of a New Era

The ninth episode of the second season of Tokyo Revengers sees Mikey facing Taiju in the ultimate fight to decide which gang will survive. The episode is now streaming on Hulu.


When Mikey comes and catches the members of his gang fighting the Black Dragon members, Mitsuya takes full responsibility for breaking the truce. 

Mikey tells them that his brother and Baji led him here. Mikey just wants to ride with his friends. When Taiju interrupts, he tells him that if Mitsuya dies, Mikey’s brother and Baji will be upset.

Takemichi thinks about how Kisaki had told him that Mikey is weak right now due to Baji’s death. Even Kazutora had told him in the future that Mikey changed and that resulted in Toman changing. 

Taiju fights Mikey and beats him with his strongest punch. As Mitsuya goes to attack Taiju for hitting Mikey, he gets up, but he looks weak to the others; they think he has not recovered yet. 

Inupi warns Mikey not to fight Taiju, as he is no match for Taiju. Inupi remembers his own past. When he came out of the reform school, the 9th generation of Black Dragon had already been wiped out.

Inupi wanted to lead and revive the gang because before going to the reform school, he was told that he will be the next leader of the gang. However, Koko believed that only Taiju’s strength can revive the gang. 

It infuriated Inupi that not his but Taiju’s strength could do the job. When Koko took him to meet Taiju and recruit him for the same, Inupi just wanted to beat him to prove his own worth.

Inupi had never lost a single fight until then. He lost the fight to Taiju and asked him to be the boss. Taiju agreed, but in exchange, he wanted Koko to serve him as well.

In the present, Mikey tells Taiju that he took his last punch as a punishment for himself. The next moment, he kicks and takes Taiju down so fast that no one was able to see or understand what happened.

Mikey’s move leaves everyone shocked. Mikey simply explains that he rides with his brother and Baji on Christmas. He shows them that he is wearing Baji’s charm and riding his brother’s bike, which makes him feel like he is with them.

Everyone realizes that Mikey has not been seeing ghosts and is in his senses. Mikey further tells them that he can be strong because they all are in his heart. 

Taiju gets up and says that none of them is leaving this place, as he has his 100 soldiers waiting outside, ready to take them down. He also claims that he never loses. He is not ready to accept this defeat.

Mikey tells Taiju that although he is strong and so is the Black Dragon gang, Taiju will never create a new age because he has no heart. Mikey believes that Toman will bring about a new age. He challenges Taiju to watch them do it.

Koko goes to get the soldiers and sees that Draken has defeated all of them. Taiju lost to Mikey, and his soldiers lost to Draken. Mikey declares that Black Dragon is dead.

A relieved Takemichi thinks that they all survived this fight and then falls unconscious. Mitsuya takes him and calls him the hero of the day.

Inupi and Koko discuss what they will do now that Black Dragon is no more. As always, Koko follows Inupi. 

Hakkai tells a defeated Taiju that he, along with Yuzuha, will never submit to him. Hakkai will keep fighting him if Taiju continues beating his family. Yuzuha adds that Taiju will be a fool if he does not change even now.

She points out that Taiju never talked about their mother after her death; he cried and blamed himself, as he was all alone. She questions him about what a family truly is. Even though she hated Taiju and wanted him dead, she still loves him.

When Takemichi gains consciousness, he finds himself riding with Mikey on his bike. Mikey takes him to meet Hinata.


  • While the episode keeps Mikey’s reputation as an invincible character intact, it also shows Mikey emotionally struggling with the losses he has faced. He would not be invincible if he did not have loyal friends supporting him.
  • This episode also highlighted the difference between Taiju, who fights for himself, and Mikey, who fights for his loved ones; it shows what really makes Mikey invincible.
  • The brief fight between Taiju and Mikey in this episode was surprising and entertaining. The episode made the audience believe that Mikey is not in his sense and has been defeated, just to prove the characters and the audience wrong in the next minute.
  • However, Draken defeating the whole gang on his own was not only unbelievable, but it also made the much-awaited end of Black Dragon anti-climatic. 
Tokyo Revengers season 2 episode 9
Tokyo Revengers season 2 episode 9 recap & review: Dawning of a New Era 1

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