Tokyo Revengers season 2 episode 11 recap & review: On My Way Home

In the eleventh episode of the second season of Tokyo Revengers, Mikey takes drastic steps that significantly change Toman, and Takemichi decides to go back to the future. The episode is now streaming on Hulu.


At the year’s first meeting of all the Toman members, Draken informs the gang about the latest events involving the Black Dragon. He then invites members to speak their part, starting with Hakkai.

Hakkai takes the blame for the conflict. He apologizes to the gang for letting things get out of his hand because of his selfish lie. Although the members do not fully understand his reasons, they forgive and accept him. 

He will continue to be the vice-captain of Toman’s Second Division. The next members to take the stage are Inupi and Koko. 

After Taiju’s retirement, they have taken over the 11th generation of Black Dragon. They had earlier requested Mikey to let them join Toman and work under Takemichi. Mikey agreed and assigned them to the First Division under Takemichi.

Chifuyu believes that they must have an ulterior motive. Before this, Chifuyu also told Mikey about Kisaki’s betrayal on Christmas. Mikey’s final announcement is that he is expelling Kisaki.

Hanma warns Mikey that if Kisaki leaves, he will also leave with him, which means all the former Moebius and Valhalla members will not stay with Toman. Out of 450 members, Toman will only be left with 100. Mikey does not care if they leave because he thinks Toman has anyway grown too big.

Mikey states what Kisaki did on Christmas, including the fact that he instigated the conflict. Mikey is not going to turn a blind eye to Kisaki’s underhand dealings for the sake of growing Toman.

Kisaki starts panicking. He follows Mikey to convince him that he needs him. The others notice that Kisaki is no longer making any sense. Mikey rejects Kisaki’s offer to help him grow Toman and stands firm on his decision.

Later, Mikey gifts Takemichi a bike that is called Babu; it is the twin of Mikey’s bike. Mikey’s brother once found two engines and used one of them to revive Mikey’s bike. Now, Mikey and Draken used the other engine in Takemichi’s bike. 

Since Takemichi does not know how to ride it, Mikey teaches him, and the two promise to visit the place where the engines were first found by Mikey’s brother. 

Takemichi decides to return to the future, as he has achieved his goal — Taiju is still alive and Kisaki is no longer a Toman member. He bids Chifuyu a tearful goodbye. He thanks him for his help and tells him that he is the best friend he has ever had. 

He also visits Draken, Mikey, Mitsuya, Hakkai, and Chifuyu together. He tells them Baji’s last words to him, including what he said about Kisaki being the enemy and Pah being the captain of the Third Division. 

He also tells Mikey that he can build a new era on his own and asks all of them to stay strong. Takemichi then convinces them to take a picture with him.

Takemichi meets Naoto and requests him to take care of Hinata before shaking his hand and returning to the future. He knows that he has changed the future, as he does not find himself in prison, which means this is a different timeline. 

However, he finds himself at someone’s funeral. When he meets a now grown-up Mana and Luna, Mitsuya’s younger sisters, he realizes that this is Mitsuya’s funeral.


  • The end of this episode is very intriguing, leaving the viewers with several questions regarding the loyalty of the Black Dragon members who have joined Toman, Kisaki’s part in Mitsuya’s death, and how it will affect Hakkai, Mikey, and Draken.
  • Mitsuya was an important character throughout the season. The show dedicated time to his history and his friendship with other characters to first familiarize the viewers with his character in order to make them understand the significance of his death in this episode. 
  • Mikey swiftly transitions from being the serious leader of the gang and being an excited kid. As a friend, he is quite an endearing character, but that does not affect his authority when he is playing the part of the leader.
  • This episode had enough sweet bonding moments to get the viewers invested in Takemichi’s relationship with the others. It was a fitting end to this arc.
Tokyo Revengers season 2 episode 11
Tokyo Revengers season 2 episode 11 recap & review: On My Way Home 1

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