Tokyo Revengers season 2 episode 10 recap & review: The Light of My Life

The tenth episode of Tokyo Revengers season 2 sees Takemichi getting back together with Hinata and bonding with Mikey. It also gives a glimpse into Draken and Mitsuya’s past. The episode is now streaming on Hulu.


When Mikey takes Takemichi to Hinata, he is lost for words, as he broke up with her without an explanation. Hinata simply asks him if he got into another fight, making Takemichi cry.

A flashback reveals that Hinata found out about Takemichi and her father’s conversation. Her father tells her that he wants her to be with someone who is not a hoodlum.

However, Hinata tells him that Takemichi is a kind person, hoodlum or not, and that he will always help her no matter what.

Hinata visits a shrine on Christmas, where she runs into Emma, Mikey’s sister. Emma used to come to the shrine with her older brother on Christmas. When Hinata tells her what happened between her and Takemichi, Emma takes matters into her own hands.

She asks Draken and Mikey to look for Takemichi, and that is how they reached the chapel where Takemichi, Chifuyu, Hakkai, Yuzuha, and Mitsuya were fighting the Black Dragon members.

In the present day, a crying Takemichi tells Hinata that he will protect her even if he dies; he will protect her every single time. He asks her to forget about their breakup, and the two get back together.

Draken remarks that while Takemichi is weak when it comes to women and is also a poor fighter, he is still dependable when it matters. He compares Takemichi to someone without naming the person.

Hinata’s father witnesses their reunion and gives up on ending their relationship, as her mother warns him that Hinata might shut him out if he intervenes again.

Mikey talks to Takemichi about his life. He tells him that he lives with his grandfather because he does not have parents. Emma and Mikey have different mothers. They used to live apart, but that changed when Emma’s mother left her with Mikey’s grandfather and disappeared.

Emma and Mikey’s older brother was like a father figure to them, as he was 10 years older. Mikey admits that he sometimes feels lost without him, and during those times, he loses sight of the difference between right and wrong.

Takemichi is relieved to hear that Mikey understands that he will end up losing his mind if he does not do anything about this. He also acknowledges that Mikey bears a dark burden.

Mikey’s brother was a bike gang leader, but he was a poor fighter. He was still able to inspire so many boys. Mikey believes that he himself is weak but Takemichi is strong, as the most important thing is not winning fights but not losing yourself.

Mikey wants Takemichi to help him out whenever it seems like Mikey is about to lose his way, just like Mikey’s older brother did. Takemichi assures him that he will do it when the need arises.

Draken and Mitsuya discuss how an upcoming announcement will cause a lot of discontentment, and they will just have to fight as the twin dragons of Toman. They then visit an old place where they first met; Mitsuya was spray painting a dragon when Draken met him.

In the past, after watching him paint, Draken shared his meal with Mitsuya, who hadn’t eaten all day. He even took him to his house, which was a brothel. They played cards with the women there, and Mitsuya had a good time.

Mitsuya told them that his mother is never home, and all he does is take care of his sisters. He expressed his wish to live in the brothel like Draken, which earned him a kick from one of the women, as living there was not enjoyable. 

Draken told him that no one lived there by choice. Draken wished that he could complain about his parents like Mitsuya, as he himself did not have parents. Draken asked him to return home because it was clear that he was worried about his sisters and was not cut out to be a hoodlum.

A few years later, Mitsuya meets Draken again. Mitsuya’s appearance has changed completely, and the two boys realize that they look very similar with their matching dragon tattoos and haircuts. 

Draken wants Mitsuya to hide the tattoo by growing out his hair. Mitsuya tells Draken that he will be his equal one day; he will be a hoodlum who cares for his family. Mitsuya has been following Draken since then.

In the present, on New Year, Takemichi, Hinata, Mitsuya, Hakkai, and Yuzuha go for the celebrations together. Yuzuha tells Hakkai that before Taiju left, he admitted that he wanted to make Hakkai strong, but Takemichi did what he could not do.

Taiju will not mend his ways, but he now knows that violence is not everything. Yuzuha also tells Hakkai that she has a crush on Takemichi.

Most of the Toman members are present there as the new year begins. Takemichi’s wish for the coming year is to become a hero who saves everyone.

In the post-credits scene, Hanma tells Kisaki that he did not think that Takemichi could do it, but Kisaki is sure that this will not be the end.


  • Even though the episode’s focus was on the history of various characters and mending relationships to provide a much-needed break after the battle with Black Dragon, it was still interesting, even more than some of the battle episodes.
  • This episode had its fair share of tender moments. Mitsuya and Draken’s bond seems more meaningful after this episode. Similarly, Mikey trusting Takemichi the way he trusted his brother, who seems a lot like Takemichi, gives their friendship a new meaning. 
  • Taiju’s parting words to Yuzuha highlighted the fact that people do not magically change completely overnight, but they can grow with time and learn from their experiences. The show does not absolve Taiju of his crimes but gives him space to grow.
Tokyo Revengers season 2 episode 10
Tokyo Revengers season 2 episode 10 recap & review: The Light of My Life 1

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