Titans season 4 episodes 7 and 8 recaps & review

Season 4 of Titans returns with the rise of Brother Blood who prepares to bring Trigon back to take over Earth and humanity. The episodes are streaming on Max.

Episode 7 recap: Caul’s Folly

Once Sebastian rises from the blood pool and accepts his position as Brother Blood, May tells him that they have to get to work to bring back his father, Trigon.

The Titans wake up in the temple which is abandoned at that point and they try to figure out what happened to them. Gar is missing and Conner still believes that Sebastian should have been killed.

He then finds a box left behind by Lex Luthor to help them defeat May. Dick gets a book with ancient Tamaranean writing and he says he knows someone who can read it. Conner says that there’s some information Lex left for him alone and he follows that.

Dick and Kory visit Roberta, a contact of Dick’s who tells them that the book contains a prophecy that states that Kory will save the world from Trigon but die in the process.

Conner goes to a secret location where he finds Mercy waiting for him. She tells him that Lex made a mistake trusting May and it is now up to Superboy to avenge his father and take back control of LexCorp.

She also tells them about Trigon’s horn which can be found by anyone possessing Trigon’s blood. The Titans believe they just need to find it first since they have Rachel with them and solve the code in the book that reveals the location.

Bernard has been reaching out to Tim to find out if they’re okay but Tim doesn’t know how to let him know without making him worry.

They reach the location but don’t find anything around there. Bernard shows up and offers help, so he and Tim ride behind Dick, Kory, and Rachel.

As they’re driving ahead, Kory sees a sign for a place called Caul’s Folly and remarks that it wasn’t on any maps. As Tim and Bernard are following them, they watch the RV just disappear before them.

Dick, Kory, and Rachel reach a small town and stop near a diner to find out more. Rachel notices that the waitress at the diner is freaked out by them and gets suspicious.

Kory realizes that they’re getting a ticket and they leave to sort it out while Rachel stays behind to watch the waitress, Megan. The sheriff who’s giving them a ticket tells them that their vehicle is too big to be allowed in town and they need to move it.

Dick tells Kory to move the RV while he chats with the sheriff. He has a very guarded conversation with the sheriff who invites Dick to have a drink with him after his shift.

Rachel follows Megan outside and sees her having a heated exchange with an older man. Rachel goes to stop him and as soon as he sees her, he leaves.

Megan tells Rachel that the man was her father and while they’re talking, Rachel begins to feel dizzy and passes out. Megan and her father put her in a van and take her somewhere.

Kory tries to drive the RV out of Caul’s Folly but notices that she’s unable to. She heads back to Dick and tells him to check out as well while also feeling the effects of a drug that seems to make her sick.

Bernard and Tim try to find out where their friends are but don’t have much luck. They spend all day and end up going to a motel to recharge. They had earlier decided to stay friends but they cannot hold it any longer and hook up with each other.

He helps her settle down in the RV and then gets ready to meet the sheriff later that day. Rachel wakes up in a barn tied up and Megan walks in with a gun pointed at her.

Her father explains that Caul’s Folly is an interdimensional town filled with Trigon’s followers who are protecting the horn. They believe that Dick is Tirigon’s son which is why they were scared of them.

Rachel tells them she’s actually Trigon’s daughter and she can help them escape as long as they help her get the horn first.

Dick goes to the sheriff’s office and begins looking around. The sheriff shows up with two other officers they quickly subdue him and when they’re dragging him out, Dick sees the whole town outside, along with May and Sebastian.

Episode 8 recap: Dick & Carol & Ted & Kory

Dick and Kory wake up in bed together wearing matching pajamas and try to gather their thoughts. They go downstairs and notice that there are pictures of them as a happy couple in the house, projecting the image they own the place and are named Ted and Carol.

The people of Caul’s Folly listen to a sermon by May before she introduces Sebastian to them. He walks out and says a few words before retrieving Trigon’s horn.

The sheriff notices ravens in the sky and tells his men to follow the birds and they will find Rachel. Megan walks into the barn later to find that Rachel is gone.

Dick and Kory visit the diner to find out where Rachel went but everyone there seems to recognize them as Ted and Carol. Megan plays along but slips them a note to meet her out back.

The sheriff restrains Rachel at the church and Sebastian tells May that he needs to be the one to kill her but she tells him that it’s not that simple. He goes to see Rachel but he cuts her, and he finds the same wound appearing on him.

Rachel tells Sebastian that if he kills her he’ll be killing himself and May knew this but kept it hidden from him. He leaves and May tells the sheriff he can kill Rachel.

Dick and Kory meet Megan and her father who explain the mystery of Caul’s Folly to them. They keep finding themselves dizzy and forgetting who they were for a second and they learn that it’s because of the constant radio broadcast that occurs all over town.

Dick says he knows a way to combat this issue and gets some tape recorders for them. He tells Kory to record memories, the more painful the better so that if she finds herself forgetting, the recordings can help ground her.

Bernard and Tim find out that Caul’s Folly was a mining town that burnt down many years ago and they head there to find a radio station at a distance. They also find a guy named William who says he’s waiting for his father and sister.

He believes that they’re there nearby and Tim feels like he’s onto something but Bernard wants to go back to his lab and deal with data and science rather than feelings.

Dick holds on to his identity but Kory forgets and starts behaving like Carol, the identity she was given but the cult. He takes her to the church so that he can rescue Rachel and faces up against that sheriff and his men.

He rescues Rachel and asks Megan’s father where the radio tower is. They head there and find a man connected to pipes filled with blood and Dick destroys them to stop the broadcast.

Bernard figures out that the others might be in another dimension so he gets the power to the station and lets William play a song. Megan and her father feel the song and follow its sound to reunite with William who is their family.

Kory listens to Dick’s recording and remembers who she is and they finally manage to escape Caul’s Folly together. Conner meets Sebastian in the city and proposes to work together.


  • The quality of Titans has dropped in recent seasons and with this being the final few episodes, it appears as though it’s going to be a stumble to the finish.
  • These episodes didn’t have much of a focus on Conner’s villainous turn and there is almost no urgency regarding Gar’s disappearance which is quite strange.
  • The action and the effects continue to be positive features in the series and clearly, a lot of effort is put into these aspects.
  • While Bernard and Tim’s romance is adorable, it doesn’t really add quality to the series overall and feels out of place.
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