Titans season 4 episode 6 recap & review: Brother Blood

In episode 6 of Titans, the team look for a way to get Sebastian back while Conner undergoes a change in attitude. The episode is now streaming on HBO Max.


Conner looks at himself in the mirror and makes sure he’s got his powers back. Kory and Rachel head back to S.T.A.R Labs while wondering what they’re going to tell the others about Sebastian. Rachel says she saw the same vision that Kory did at the diner of their future.

Sebastian is in pain because he’s refusing to take part in the Blood Moon ritual and May is trying to convince him. Rachel and Kory get back and they figure out what’s next as Conner walks in with a shaved head and a rude disposition.

Gar is struggling because of the visions that he’s having. Conner wants to find May and kill her and Sebastian but Dick disagrees with him.

May tells Sebastian that taking part in the ritual will be a good thing as he’ll be fighting back against all the times he’s been wronged in life for being stronger or smarter than others. She shows him those moments within his past to teach him.

Conner takes charge of the satellites of LutherCorp and gives orders to Bernard and the other employees of S.T.A.R Labs. He plans on using the satellites to direct sunlight onto the moon and get rid of the blood moon effect.

However, he’s being a complete douche about it and Dick asks him to take a step back and evaluate things a little more. Jinx says she’s got an idea to get Sebastian out of the temple without a direct face-off.

She says that there’s an ancient magic spell that could transport Sebastian to them but it would need the help of science as well. They begin exploring the viability of the plan and Jinx discusses the possibility of Rachel getting her powers back.

Dick is called back by Bernard and he watches as Conner’s plan is a success. May and her followers are worried but she tells her right hand to hack into the Luther mainframe because she knows who’s responsible.

Gar’s visions get too strong for him so he goes for a walk where a strange man tells him that the animals are trying to speak to him and he should listen. He tells Gar that when he sees the temple split, he must go to the Red.

Conner puts down the other members of the team when Dick tries to talk to him and he is told not to get too complacent. Conner asks one of the scientists to check if they were hacked recently and he gets the location of the temple.

With all the visions that Mya shows Sebastian, he is convinced that he’s constantly been overlooked and by taking part in this ritual, he will take his final form and get the power her truly deserves.

Conner rushes to the temple and kills May with his heat vision but it turns out to be an illusion and he’s captured. Rachel, Kory and Jinx begin the ritual but when Rachel sees Conner chained up she stops.

They find the location of the temple themselves and decide to go there and bring Conner and Sebastian back. They arrive and take control of the situation. Rachel finally gets her powers back and asks Sebastian to come with them.

Jinx freezes May with her magic but May doesn’t freeze completely and she stabs Jinx. Sebastian says he’s not leaving and drinks the blood before screaming out loud as the walls begin to collapse.

Gar asks to be taken to the Red and he and his team are transported from the temple. Sebastian submerges into the pool of blood and May eagerly waits for the emergence of Brother Blood.


  • Conner becoming edgy and trying to emulate his more evil father is an interesting direction for the character. It all depends on how long he keeps it going till he learns his lesson and Joshua Orpin is doing a great job in the role.
  • Gar brings out the Gorilla for the first time in this episode and it is great to see his powers being explored more thoroughly. His connection to the Red is the next mystery on the agenda.
  • Jinx has been a cheerful addition to the team and her fate in this episode is heart-breaking, although it could just be temporary going by her own admission after being stabbed.
  • Rachel’s new look after she gets her powers back looks amazing and Jinx in her traditional attire count as two wins for the costume department in this episode.
Titans season 4 episode 6
Titans season 4 episode 6 recap & review: Brother Blood 1

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