The Wheel of Time season 2 episode 4 recap & review: Daughter of the Night

Episode 4 of The Wheel of Time season 2 sees Moiraine travel to Cairhien, Nynaeve learns something about Liandrin, and Rand goes on a trip. The episode is streaming on Prime Video.


Lady Damodred gets ready for the day when her servant informs her that her older sister has dropped by. Moiraine greets Lady Damodred and goes about the work she is in Cairhien for even though Lady Damodred wants to talk.

Selene says that since the inn will take a while to be rebuilt, she is going away for a while and she asks Rand to come along with her. Nynaeve is struggling to come to terms with the fact that she returned from the arch.

Lan stays with Alanna and her family, as Ihvon, Maksim, and Alanna constantly check on how he’s doing. Moiraine goes to the sanitorium to visit Logaine and find out what he and Rand have discussed.

She promises to help him if he agrees to train Rand on how to channel. Egwene tells the daughter heir about how Nynaeve is feeling and how she wants to help her friend but isn’t able to.

Liandrin finds out about the invaders in the West and asks the Keeper about it. Maksim tells Lan that there is still hope for him to repair his bond with Moiraine.

Moiraine goes around Cairhien looking for Rand but sees no sign of him. He is with Selene at a cabin in the mountains where she talks about her past.

Min and Mat are enjoying themselves at a bar when Min goes to the barkeep and tells him that she’s expecting someone later. Liandrin tells Nynaeve about the attacks in the West and how Perrin might be one of the prisoners.

Nynaeve rushes to Egwene to tell her about it and they try to sneak out together and find him. Lan, Maksim, and Ihvon are meditating together but Maksim gets up early.

While Ihvon talks to Lan, Maksim finds the poem that Lan took from Moiraine and he gives it to Alanna. Moiraine returns home to find her sister waiting for her.

Her sister says that she’s made a name for herself in Cairhien and if Moiraine needs information about Rand, then she can help. The guest that Min is waiting for turns out to be Ishamael.

He tells her to take Mat to Cairhien because he knows what is going to happen there. Rand and Selene are attacked by a Fade and Rand channels the One Power to get rid of it.

He apologizes to Selene for not telling her about his powers but she chooses to accept him regardless of his fears.


  • The narrative is progressing along at a steady pace and each thread appears to be weaved together well. You can see where the characters are headed and yet, there is a level of unpredictability to it.
  • Álvaro Morte is doing so well as the crazy Logaine. His performance is unhinged and perfect for the character given his mental state.
  • There is some melodrama that exists with some of the cast going overboard with their acting. The fantasy setting lends itself to this flaw and there might be more to come for sure.
The Wheel of Time season 2 episode 4
The Wheel of Time season 2 episode 4 recap & review: Daughter of the Night 1

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