The Mosquito Coast season 2 episode 5 recap & review: Positive, Front-Facing Optics

In the fifth episode of The Mosquito Coast season 2, Allie pays for Charlie’s mistakes as Isela takes him to meet their landlord. The episode is now streaming on Apple TV+.


Isela confronts Allie about Charlie’s picture, which she has just received. Apparently, the camera Charlie discovered back in the jungle did capture his image.

Isela retells Allie that they had only one rule: not to be seen. Now Charlie’s stupidity will have consequences. The landlord of Isela’s camp wants to meet Allie.

Allie agrees and leaves with Isela to meet this landlord, who is none other than Gulleirmo Bautista, the man who hired Bill in the previous episode.

Guillermo explains that this wasn’t Charlie’s fault; it was Allie’s, who should’ve taught him well. He wonders if he should expel Allie from his grounds.

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Guillermo suggests that if Allie intends to stay here, then he should prove his worth. He puts Allie up for a job that will see him tagging along with Bill.

Apparently, some organization is planning to buy the lands of Casa Roja to build some tourist resort. If they succeed in doing so, the people of Casa Roja, who have nothing, will lose their homes.

Guillermo commands Allie and Bill to infiltrate an event involving these people, who are planning to take over their lands and forests. Allie and Bill will not only scare them, but they will also expose them in front of everyone.

Before they could leave, Guillermo reminds Allie that if he gets caught, he should make sure that nothing he says traces back to Guillermo.

Meanwhile, Charlie is haunted by dreams of killing someone. Margot suspects Charlie’s nervousness and wonders why he is looking for his father all of a sudden.

Margot and Dina eventually discover that Allie is missing and is probably with Isela. Dina urges Margot to use this opportunity to escape, but the latter doesn’t intend to jump unprepared.

Isela arrives, and Margot hopes to see Allie, but a familiar face in the form of Richard Beaumont comes in front of her.

Margot questions upfront why he is here. Richard assures her that he doesn’t want anything with her kids and that he won’t tell them what happened back then.

Dina overhears their conversation and learns that Margot is responsible for the mess they are in. Allie just took the blame for it. Though Margot attempts to calm Dina down, she fails, and their relationship strains.

Amidst all of this, Bill and Allie manage to blend into the event as they enter dressed sharply. The duo gets inside the media control room, where Bill plans to kill the boy taking care of the footage shown, but Allie stops him.

The duo reconciles, and Allie works on the computers. Soon, the big screen at the event shows a presentation featuring the families of the wealthy individuals involved in this project and how they are stealing from the children of tomorrow.

The building immediately goes into lockdown, something Allie and Bill didn’t expect. They get trapped inside. Bill and Allie recall what Guillermo said about getting caught.


  • Apart from Guillermo’s proper introduction, the fifth episode of The Mosquito Coast season 2 hardly has anything great going on.
  • Allie’s subplot is another way to stretch an already messed up second season. The show is yet to offer anything juicy and worth looking forward to.
  • Richard Beaumont’s appearance is confusing. The character doesn’t seem to have anything that would make him interesting. He is just the guy who was with Margot when she planted a bomb at a biotech lab.
The Mosquito Coast season 2 episode 5
The Mosquito Coast season 2 episode 5 recap & review: Positive, Front-Facing Optics 1

Director: Alonso Alvarez

Date Created: 2022-12-02 00:00

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