Who does Margot call in The Mosquito Coast season 2 episode 4?

Margot’s desperation to leave Isela’s camp forces her to call someone from the US, who is no less than their enemy. The fourth episode of The Mosquito Coast season 2 is now streaming on Apple TV+.

Margot and Dina lose the trawler, which was their ticket out of Isela’s camp. Allie got rid of it, knowing that Isela is going to sell it and that his family is planning to run away using it.

He explained to Margot how he is trying to keep them safe and that even if she manages to escape with their children, there would be no place for them to go. They would still get arrested.

Margot agreed, but at the same time, she and Dina weren’t ready to live here in Isela’s camp, which is more like a detention center to them.

The mother-daughter duo argued, but at the end of the day, Margot came up with another solution. She planned to break into Ridley’s boat to make a call to Washington, D.C., and this man she calls seems to be their last hope to get out of this mess.

Who is JJ Raban?

Margot’s plan went smoothly, with Ridley away and Dina taking Adolfo on a date. Allie and Charlie, on the other hand, were out far away in the forest.

Margot called JJ Raban. He is the same NSA agent that interrogated Allie for illegally accessing a database belonging to the government.

Who does Margot call in The Mosquito Coast season 2 episode 4? 1
JJ Raban hears Margot’s proposition

Allie had tried to use the system he built himself to see what Margot was up to with a man named Richard Beaumont.

When Allie found out about her plan to bomb a biotech lab, he fooled the NSA and tried to stop her. Since it was too late, he and Margot escaped, and now they are on the run.

Margot tries to strike a deal

JJ Raban was quite surprised to hear from Margot. She somewhere knew Raban is quite desperate to catch Allie. So she proposed a deal.

She asked for full immunity for herself and her children, and in exchange, she offered her own husband, Allie Fox.

The deal would give Raban his job back and even his reputation. Margot will move on to live a happy life with her children. In a way, they both get their old lives back.

Though the deal is good, Raban claims that it’s not enough for him after the number of people he has lost. He suggests it’s not enough for her either, and that it’s out of his hands to bring her home.

A frustrated Margot wastes no time in cutting the call. She makes her way back to Isela’s camp, regretting that she called Raban.

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