The Mosquito Coast season 2 episode 1 recap & review: The Damage Done

The premiere of The Mosquito Coast season 2 sheds light on why Allie and Margot are on the run. The episode is now streaming on Apple TV+.


On the boat, Allie and Margot agree that it’s high time they tell their kids the truth. Allie takes them thirteen years into the past, back when he and Margot weren’t together.

Allie was working on a pitch he would deliver later on for the system he had created that predicts variation in bird migration patterns based on climate change.

Pavani argues with Allie on how his pitch should be more engaging in order to sell his system. Tired of the rehearsal, Allie leaves, stating that he would try again tomorrow.

Allie seems to be worried about Margot and spends time tracking her down and the people she is meeting. He sees her meeting a man over dinner.

The next day, he pays a visit to Margot to pick up their kids for an outing. The man Margot met last night is present there as well, and he notices Allie sniffing around and snooping into Margot’s files.

Allie questions Margot about the man she met, whose name is Richard Beaumont, and Margot isn’t pleased about the way Allie keeps track of her.

Back home, Allie digs a little into who Richard is and watches his interviews while Margot works with Richard to build what looks like a bomb.

After spending a night watching Richard’s videos, Allie confronts Margot about him and the folder she had at home about some biotech lab. Margot, furious that Allie looked through her things, asks him to back off.

Allie leaves for his office and is a bit late for the presentation. The investors at UBU discuss how Allie’s technology is disruptive, and they have control over how it should be used.

They ask Allie to work with the NSA, much to his displeasure. Pavani hands him the files and tries to convince him that this is how the business works.

Allie goes back to digging more into Richard. Frustrated with what went down during the meeting, Allie breaks into UBU and hacks into the system to find out more about him.

He learns about some laboratory explosions and notices Margot’s picture there. Allie accessing the database alerts the NSA officials, but by the time they arrive, he is long gone.

Back to the present, that’s the story Allie told his kids. He illegally accessed a database belonging to the government, and therefore, they are on the run now. Dina has a lot of questions, and the most important one is why her mother tagged along.

Margot clarifies that it’s because Allie is their father, and she loves him, but there is more to the story, and they haven’t told them everything.

The truth is that, despite being quiet and smooth, Allie gets caught while walking out of the office’s compound. Agent Raban and Agent Pinto interrogate Allie.

They talk about his purpose to access the system, his and Margot’s background in domestic terrorism, and also the man he was searching for, Beaumont.

The agents let Allie go for now with a warning. Once out, Allie starts looking for Margot so that he can stop her from doing whatever she is up to.

Allie is followed by an agent, but he manages to trick him. He also locks everyone out of the system he has created, including the NSA.

Meanwhile, Richard and Margot, dressed up as cleaners, plan to bomb the targeted biotech lab. They place the bomb just in time, while the entire building is empty.

Things go sideways when an employee returns to retrieve the phone she left at the premises. Margot urges Richard to go back to save the innocent, but he intends to stay focused on the mission.

She leaves to save the girl, while Richard runs away. By the time she arrives and warns her, the bomb explodes, killing the girl with it. Allie follows up to find Margot taking the blame on herself.

He convinces Margot that their kids need them both and that they should get out of there.

In the present, once the kids fall asleep, Allie assures Margot that it’s fine not to tell them the whole truth and that it’s okay for them to blame him rather than her.


  • The Mosquito Coast seems to have not learned from its mistakes of the past season. The very premiere is still a lot messy and needed a lot of depth.
  • It’s good that the show is finally providing some answers unlike the first season, but the revelations don’t help the audience much.
  • The show is certainly trying hard to make the characters likable. For starters, in this episode, it’s Allie who is taking the toll on Margot’s mistake.
  • With a second chance on its side, The Mosquito Coast needs to buckle up and bring a more convincing episode for the show to be successful moving on.
The Mosquito Coast season 2 episode 1
The Mosquito Coast season 2 episode 1 recap & review: The Damage Done 1

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