The Morning Show season 3 finale recap, review & ending explained

In The Morning Show season 3 episode 10, the employees at UBA fight back as the Hyperion-UBA deal comes close to a vote. The episode is now streaming on Apple TV+.

Episode 10 recap: The Overview Effect

Bradley has isolated herself in her apartment. Cory visits her. She doesn’t allow him to enter but shares that Paul knows about Hal and his assault on a Capitol officer.

Paul tells Alex that he planted the article against Cory, which suggests that he is grooming Bradley. Alex defends Cory, claiming that he is anything but a sexual predator.

Alex is more worried about Bradley’s condition, so Paul discloses to Alex what Bradley is afraid of coming to light: Hal attacking a Capitol officer. Meanwhile, Stella’s search for Kate continues. This time, she looks for her through an online game.

Cory denies the allegations that have been made against him. He talks to Leonard in private and warns him not to let Paul buy UBA. Cory realizes that he needs to bring another strong offer in place of Paul’s, so he rings Cybil.

At UBA, Stella confesses to the whole team what will happen once the Hyperion-UBA deal goes through. Everyone’s job is in question, and they think they deserve the right to know what’s at stake in the board vote. The team wants to cover this news, but they need the right guest to make some noise.

Cory visits Reed to ask for the loan that he was going to give Cory a few weeks ago. They are ready to give Sloan a piece of UBA’s equity. Reed asks Cory to whip some votes, and maybe then he will write him a check.

Alex goes to Bradley’s. While she is furious to hear that Bradley saved Hal, she is surprised to hear that Bradley is accusing Paul of surveilling her. Laura and Bradley talked about Hal’s attack in private, and somehow Paul found out about Laura knowing this.

On her way back, Alex texts Bradley to leave and go back to Hanover, after rethinking if she should tell her to go to West Virginia. During a conversation with Paul, he mentions to Alex that Bradley should go back to Hanover, which confirms that he is surveilling everyone. Moving forward, Alex starts taking her steps carefully.

On The Morning Show, Chip joins Yanko and Chris for an interview. Chip’s rant against Paul Marks, who is putting an end to a legacy media company, garners a lot of attention. Everything starts working in UBA’s favor. Two shareholders think the payout is not worth all the bad press and are voting no.

Now that two votes are in his favor, Cory heads to meet Reed. Paul Marks surprises him instead. Paul uses the article that Cory leaked, which he says was to protect Hannah Shoenfield, against him. He offers him a deal and asks him to leave with dignity, but Cory rejects it.

Cory drops his mother a message, telling her that more stuff is going to come out about him that is going to make him look like a monster, but he is going to do what his mother has told him to: not flinch.

The Morning Show season 3 finale ending explained in detail:

Does anyone stop the deal?

Alex meets Laura, and at night, Laura texts her, saying, “She is in.” The next day, 15 minutes before the Hyperion-UBA deal is made official, Alex presents the board members with another deal: a merger between UBA and their rival NBN.

Alex explains how this deal could benefit them more, and it is no less than a chance to start over. Just when Paul attempts to explain to Alex in private that she can’t do anything, Stella shows up with Kate.

Kate has a lot of evidence against Paul Marks. She accuses him of cutting the transmission on the rocket launch to hide that his system malfunctioned, using a hack at UBA to cover his tracks, and sending fake data to NASA.

Paul turns to Alex, who is more disappointed than ever because he silenced Bradley; he silenced a journalist. Alex is a journalist. She is hurt.

Alex asks him to walk away from the deal and tell NASA the truth, or they will run a story against him. Paul then decides to pull out of the deal. He will be sending his lawyers over to UBA.

What is UBA’s status?

Two weeks later, UBA is still running fine. Stella is doing her best to keep Chris, who has been offered to work elsewhere. With the merger, there are going to be layoffs and buyouts. Stella is going to make sure the changes promised are real.

Cory is not sure about staying at UBA or whatever the new name the firm is going to get after the merger, but he does apologize to Bradley for the awful things he has done to her. Bradley admits that was not right but believes he will be fine.

Before parting ways, Bradley lets Cory know that she is going to miss him.

What happens to Alex and Bradley?

Alex breaks up with Paul Marks, who has to work hard to save Hyperion. Alex was desperate to be with someone, but she wanted someone she could trust.

Bradley, on the other hand, defends Cory during a hearing. Bradley says that he never made her uncomfortable and that Cory loved her even after seeing her for who she is. She was afraid to be with someone like that.

After the hearing, Alex joins Bradley on her way to the FBI. Hal arrives too. Hal and Bradley are going to turn themselves in. Bradley and Alex comfort each other as they part ways.


  • The Morning Show season 3 finale can’t top what the penultimate episode offered. More surprises and UBA coming together to fight Paul Marks were expected, but it feels like only Alex ended up saving the day after getting lost in Paul Mark’s love for the majority of the season.
  • Paul Marks proves to be a heinous antagonist this season that nobody would like to deal with. He stands out as a monster, considering the moves that he has pulled. Even a single hello from him feels scary in this episode.
  • Overall, the finale offers a satisfying conclusion and some hard-hitting and heartfelt moments that keep you hanging. Cory ends up being a character you love to hate when he is defended by the likes of Alex and Bradley. It is also fun to see Cory being excited to take Paul Marks down and Chip’s rant.
The Morning Show season 3 episode 10
The Morning Show season 3 finale recap, review & ending explained 1

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