The Good Fight season 6 episode 9 recap & review: The End of Democracy

The ninth episode of The Good Fight season 6 sees Diane aiding tech billionaire Neil Gross in buying the Democratic Party. The episode is now streaming on Paramount+.


The associates of Reddick and Ri’Chard head to the funeral of Frank Landau. Liz and Ri’Chard are preparing for the pitch they will deliver to Neil Gross, who will be there as well.

Marissa arrives at the funeral and worries about people that are constantly staring at her, as the assassin who killed Landau originally targeted her father.

Turns out, they are noticing Zev, Marissa’s Krav Maga instructor, whom she has brought along.

Jay leaves the funeral with Carmen and offers her an opportunity with a lot of money in it. He asks her to join the Collective as a lawyer.

Renetta wants Carmen to work with Buck Barnes, the man they caught in the previous episode.

Carmen will pose as an associate of Barnes’ lawyer and persuade him to share details of the people who put the fertilizer bomb he had together.

Before she could do that, she remembered that she was going to meet Ben-Baruch at the funeral. Carmen tasks Marissa to do her job while she deals with Barnes.

News breaks out that the Supreme Court has decided to overturn gay marriage. A furious Diane delivers a strong speech at Landau’s funeral, clarifying the bad situation they are in right now.

Diane later rants in front of Neil Gross, who acknowledges her wish to reset everything. Gross thinks of doing what Diane wishes for and proposes to buy the Democratic Party.

Liz, Ri’Chard, and Julius hear what Gross has to offer. Though they want everything planned, Gross intends to talk to the head of the DNC, Elfman, right away.

Elfman finds it hard to believe what Gross wants to do by buying the Democratic Party.

When Gross starts realizing that he can’t win over Elfman, he comes up with a backup plan. This second method will see him orchestrating a hostile takeover to kick Elfman out and put Diane in his place.

On top of that, he also wants Diane to part ways with her husband, Kurt. Gross likes to think that the interests of the party supersede any family concerns.

Elfman agrees to have a conversation with Gross again and tells him about the seniority system the Democratic Party has.

Gross suggests that the party will fail, but he can save it as he has a strong candidate in the form of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.

Elfman meets Dwayne and is impressed by his ideas. He sees this working and accepts Gross’ offer.

On their way back home, Diane breaks things off with Kurt, which she was thinking of doing for some time with Lyle in her life now. An opportunity from Gross gave her a reason to do so.

Amidst all of this, Marissa helps Ben-Baruch on behalf of Carmen and introduces him to Elfman. The deal doesn’t go well, and Ben-Baruch and his men almost lay a hand on her.

Zev rescues Marissa and asks her to marry him. The couple wastes no time in tying the knot, with a little help from their friends.

Carmen, on the other hand, spent time helping the Collective. She managed to convince Barnes to spill out names, but in the process, Jay came across a side of Carmen he never knew about.


  • The episode was quite thrilling but it’s building for what seems like a weak series finale.
  • Carmen’s sub-plot which has been quite cold for the past few episodes takes a new turn as she joins the Collective and spills some beans in front of Jay.
  • Throughout the season, Marissa’s story, though not as big as the other storylines, is the only one that has been delivering the best at every turn. Even if she gets a few minutes in the episode, she shines.
  • The Collective, on the other hand, comes out as a strong organization, but at the very end of the show with limited screen time.
  • Lastly, the show has already hinted at what the future looks like for Diane and Reddick & Ri’Chard once it wraps up next week.
The Good Fight season 6 episode 9
The Good Fight season 6 episode 9 recap & review: The End of Democracy 1

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