Diane investigates her deja vu in The Good Fight season 6

The premiere of The Good Fight season 6 on Paramount+ sees Diane undergo regression as she steps down from her previous role at Reddick & Associates. The first day back seems to her like a Groundhog Day. She believes she has been through these moments before.

Diane returns from her vacation to see Reddick & Associates’ compound empty with tear gas and noise on the other side. She soon finds out from Marissa about the protest going around in the city.

Watching Marissa unpacking for her is the first time Diane feels that she is probably having a deja vu. She questions Marissa the same, only for the latter to play a joke on her.

The deja vu continues with birds coming at Diane’s window to knock themselves out. Diane recollects how Madeline Starkey went through the same. She even finishes Marissa’s explanation of how the birds flew right into the window after hearing the bell across the street ring.

Diane investigates the deja vu

Diane continues to experience deja vu during a trial in the courtroom. She knew the exact words every individual there is going to say next. She asks Jay about it and he believes she shouldn’t try to get out of it. Maybe it’s her superpower.

Diane investigates her deja vu in The Good Fight season 6 1
Diane guesses every word Bill will say in the court

To figure it all out, Diane opts to talk to other people in a metaverse. She ends up finding out about a place called ‘Mind Trip’ from an avatar. The same avatar compares the treatment of this place to ketamine before Diane goes offline due to a lack of internet connection.

Diane meets Dr. Lyle Bettencourt

Following the address of ‘Mind Trip’ leads Diane to Dr. Lyle Bettencourt. Diane explains that she feels like the world is on this hamster wheel which leads them back to the start. She feels like we are back to Roe V. Wade, voting rights, and like the past 50 years never happened.

Diane investigates her deja vu in The Good Fight season 6 2
Dr. Bettencourt explains PT-108 to Diane

Dr. Bettencourt explained the ketamine-like treatment called PT-108. The treatment will require her to come two times a week. She can choose between an IV, a capsule, and a spray. She would lie down with an eye mask on and her favorite music playing to focus internally.

This way, Diane will have a 90-minute experience. Post that, Dr. Bettencourt will sit down with Diane to analyze the same. Diane felt this wasn’t right as she had already spent six months on micro-dosing.

Dr. Bettencourt understood her hesitation and assured her what they are offering is medical insight. For now, Diane has turned away from ‘Mind Trip’, but we may find her circling back to Dr. Bettencourt if the deja vu continues to be a part of her life in coming episodes.

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