The Good Fight season 6 episode 8 recap & review: The End of Playing Games

The eighth episode of The Good Fight season 6 sees Reddick & Ri’Chard dealing with the fall of STR Laurie. The episode is now streaming on Paramount+.


Reddick & Ri’Chard are in a crisis with STR Laurie under investigation. Each and every individual at the firm starts working on their resume to apply elsewhere.

Liz and Ri’Chard take note of the situation and assure their partners that this is the day their future will be determined. They hand them a list of STR Laurie clients and ask them to bring them on board.

Ri’Chard even goes on to offer a bonus to the partner who brings a client from STR Laurie to Reddick & Ri’Chard.

Jay notices a bullet hole in Diane’s office and believes that someone is targeting their firm. He and Marissa are sure that the cops won’t do anything about it. So they opted to investigate it themselves.

This led them to the building right in front of their office where the bullet might’ve come from. They both broke into that place, and Jay placed his cameras to keep a check on who is firing at the office.

A man named Vespertine-Kalepark enters the building to investigate the slip and fall accident of the man who fell in front of Diane’s office and died.

Vespertine-Kalepark suggests that the man entered the roof using one of Reddick & Ri’Chard’s keycards, and now the parents of the victim want to sue the firm.

The CCTV footage from the office where the key cards are kept reveals that Marissa was the one who stole a keycard on the night the man fell from the roof.

Trouble continues to knock on the door of Reddick & Ri’Chard, with STR Laurie suing them in order to stop them from stealing their clients.

David, who is representing STR Laurie in the case, needed proof of intent to hold Reddick & Ri’Chard liable. He brought proof in the form of a recording that proves that Reddick & Ri’Chard were planning this all along.

STR Laurie had bugged their offices and made full use of the conversations recorded there. The recording also exposes Liz, who is talking behind Ri’Chard’s back.

Liz and Ri’Chard log heads with each other, and the latter decides to accept STR Laurie’s offer to join them. The only ploy over here is the fact that Liz and Ri’Chard are acting.

Ri’Chard signs a contract with STR Laurie, which results in the firing of David right in the middle of the court. Moving on, Ri’Chard uses his power to drop the lawsuit against Reddick & Ri’Chard.

Meanwhile, Marissa is sent home, and she gives deep thought to why her colleagues are sure that she is the one who stole the keycard.

That’s when she realizes that the day the man fell was the same day when Carmen’s girlfriend had arrived at the office, who is a complete lookalike of her.

Marissa proves it, and Vespertine-Kalepark had no option but to drop the lawsuit. With that, even Diane felt relieved as there is no need to present her medical files from Mind Trip.

The case gave her a reason to meet Dr. Lyle Bettencourt, and they sat together for a drink.

Amidst all of this, Jay investigated the men shooting at the building with the help of the Collective. The men who shot bullets at Reddick & Ri’Chard are from the Michigan Army, a neo-Nazi group intent on starting a race war.

Jay and the Collective targeted Buck Barns, a fundraiser for the Michigan Army. They found a fertilizer bomb in Barns’ van, with the van’s destination being Wilson Clayman College, a Black university.

The Collective caught Barnes and brought him under their supervision. Jay soon discovered that the Collective is running a firm that will provide justice to the people who didn’t get it because of the system.

They need a lawyer now, and Jay would be up for the job of finding one for them.

While Jay was busy with the Collective, Liz and Ri’Chard faced the wrath of bullets coming through their office windows while they were celebrating their victory.


  • A fast-paced episode with each and every subplot getting its due time.
  • The act by Liz and Ri’Chard to deceive STR Laurie was up to the mark. The creators over the season had built-up a good story to make it all believable for the viewer as well.
  • The subplot involving Marissa felt flat as it was a bit predictable with the show heavily mentioning Marissa’s doppelganger in episode 6.
  • The Collective continues to be an intriguing organization. The show managed to keep the mystery around them intact for the past few episodes to reveal everything unexpectedly in this episode.
The Good Fight season 6 episode 8
The Good Fight season 6 episode 8 recap & review: The End of Playing Games 1

Director: Jonathan Tolins, Anju Andre-Bergmann

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