The Good Fight season 6 episode 6 recap & review: The End of a Saturday

The sixth episode of The Good Fight season 6 sees everyone at Reddick & Ri’Chard ditching their holiday to come and save Ri’Chard’s nephew, who needs a bone-marrow transplant. The episode is now streaming on Paramount+.


Ri’Chard’s nephew, Dustin, is getting a bone marrow transplant, and in order to support him, Ri’Chard showed up with a gift. Things went south when the donor backed out at the last minute.

Finding another match might take a year, and Dustin only has one week to live.

Ri’Chard suspected that the original donor is getting paid to donate it to someone else, and this is illegal. To take care of this situation and to save his nephew, Ri’Chard invited everyone from Reddick & Ri’Chard for an emergency Zoom call.

Everyone ditched their Saturday plans to come up with a solution for Dustin.

Carmen and Marissa started looking for another donor, while Lyle told Diane that there is another way to save Dustin. A method called gene editing helps in curing sickle cell.

Dr. Lyle Bettencourt, as a member of the board for the clinical trials of gene editing, offered to introduce her to a doctor that can help.

Diane and Lyle reached out to that doctor, but according to the FDA, patients for gene editing should be at least 12 years old, and Dustin is 11.

So Diane needed to get an exception from the FDA. Liz and Ri’Chard got a judge on the weekend, while Diane brought Lyle to trial so that he can testify.

The court rules out in Ri’Chard’s favor. The FDA honors this ruling, but they disagreed with this and therefore, won’t be paying for this clinical trial.

Despite the backdrop, Ri’Chard saw this positively, believing that they have cleared one hurdle. Now, he and Liz went to NIH, while Diane decided to sue Medicaid.

To target NIH, Ri’Chard opted to use an article written against them that talks about their chronic pervasive underfunding of sickle research.

Ri’Chard and Liz even brought the author of that article out of his rehabilitation center to the court. Meanwhile, for Medicaid, Diane invited Dustin and his mother to court, and Dustin had to act like his condition is severe.

Marissa’s search for bone marrow saw her crossing paths with the original donor. He wasn’t paid to donate it to someone else; he just decided to back out because his sister needed a kidney.

He chose his sister over a stranger. Marissa promised the donor that she will find a person who can give his sister the kidney. This way he can donate his bone marrow to Dustin.

Back to Ri’Chard and Liz, the court came to the decision that NIH should pay for the bone marrow procedure as they are liable for racial discrimination.

Ri’Chard and Liz won, but the NIH decided to appeal. Similarly, Medicaid will first exhaust its legal options, and then it will pay.

Marissa, Carmen, and Jay were the last options Reddick & Ri’Chard had. Luckily, they managed to convince the bone marrow donor.

In process of finding a kidney for the donor’s sister, they found other people who needed transplants as well. They connected all the dots and got Dustin ready for the procedure.

Ri’Chard ordered pizzas to celebrate with the team. Earlier, Liz had confronted Ri’Chard regarding his goal for the firm. She knew somewhere that he wants revenge for the way her father insulted him.

Ri’Chard came clean that he does want to take the firm to greater heights. Originally, he planned to fire Liz and all of her partners. Now, after watching them give their hearts to save his nephew, he has a change of plans.

He suggests that he will keep all of them, but he will turn Reddick & Ri’Chard into Ri’Chard & Associates. Liz, on her side, promises that she will fight for this.

Amidst all of this, Marissa and Carmen, who have been pretty cold to each other, solve their differences and reconcile.

Diane calls Lyle to thank him for his help and later witnesses a man falling from the roof onto a statue outside her office.


  • The most heartwarming episode of this season ends on quite a gruesome note, which is unusual for a show like The Good Fight.
  • Apart from being heartfelt, the episode was adventurous as each and every character was involved in a single plot, with no subplots accompanying this time around.
  • The viewers got to see hearings at the most unusual places, which was fun and fresh at the same time.
  • Furthermore, the actor that played the author Ri’Chard and Liz brought, Dr. Mitchell Wattly, was quite hilarious and gave all the laughs needed amidst the adrenaline.
  • The death witnessed by Diane is quite scary and could indicate that there is a bigger story in play for the next episode.
The Good Fight season 6 episode 6
The Good Fight season 6 episode 6 recap & review: The End of a Saturday 1

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