The Crowded Room episode 4 recap & review: London

In episode 4 of The Crowded Room, Danny furthers his account of what happened prior to his arrest, this time delving into details of his trip to London to meet his father.


Danny arrives in London and asks for his father at the Royal Travel Agency. The receptionist denies a Pete Sullivan ever working there but then enters from the inside of the establishment Mr. Jack, who recognizes the young lad, telling him that he’s the spitting image of his father.

He also tells him that Jack isn’t in London anymore after one of his deals went awry and he had to flee. Jack takes Danny to a restaurant where another guy insults Danny, and Jack stands up for him. He later gives Danny an opportunity that entails him getting 3,000 pounds from a guy named Reggie, who he claims owns his father that money.

Danny goes to Reggie but returns empty-handed as he’s thrown by his men, and Reggie refuses to know about his father as well, though he does know who Jack is. Meanwhile, Jack is nowhere to be found but just as Danny loses his control, Jack arrives and gives him a lesson in wisdom.

Earlier, Danny’s story has Jack talking to Yitzhak, who apparently orders him to task Danny with the job. Danny tells Rya that these figures — Yitzhak, Ariana, and Jack — played a con on him, although he admits he doesn’t know why.

Rya can’t believe what Danny is saying and how his story is just bereft of any coherence or consistency. Danny gets defensive and asks what she’s implying, as he denies that he’s the mastermind behind all of this. In the flashback, he returns to America and to the ghost house, and after seeing no one there, he’s shortly arrested by the police.

Professor Rya asks Danny about his brother Adam and what happened to him. Danny refuses to talk after revealing that he died.

The Crowded Room episode 4 rolls the credits shortly after Jack is shown sitting in the same interrogating room, talking to Rya about whether they should reveal something crucial to Danny or not, clearly seeming familiar with Rya.


  • The Crowded Room continues to unravel the plot at a sluggish pace although the end of episode 4 leaves viewers with a promising tease, hinting at a key piece of info about Danny — that he’s likely to have forgotten or is unaware of — being revealed to him.
  • If not for Jack’s future role in this story, if there is any significance to it, the whole London affair would seem just pointless.
  • It’s already abundantly clear that Danny’s suffering from a condition that affects his psyche and the reasons for this condition have also been clearly hinted at, but the fact that it’s taking so long to make official what many viewers have already figured out is a bit frustrating.
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