Strong Girl Nam-Soon season 1 episode 7 recap & review

In Strong Girl Nam-Soon episode 7, Geum-Ju pays a strategic visit to Ryu Si-O, as the villain tries to get closer to Nam-Soon, who endlessly fascinates him.


Hwa-Ja attempts to stab Nam-Soon and gets thrown away and her leg is broken. She’s hospitalized and Nam-Soon is sad. Ryu Si-O learns about Hwa-Ja, before meeting Nam-Soon in person and exchanging phone numbers.

Nam-Soon is confident now that she has his phone number, they can get to his client list. Meanwhile, Hee-Sik and his team haven’t had much success with their investigation. His team leader is still struggling with his addiction.

Geum-Ju meets with Ryu Si-O and asks who his main financier is, before stating she wishes to take over the entire investment. Ryu Si-O gets his men to dig for information about her as Geum-Ju asks the Opulentia agent to dig more into Bread Song.

At the dinner party that Hee-Sik is invited to, they all surprise Bong-Go with his birthday party, as the whole family questions what could be brewing between Hee-Sik and Nam-Soon.

They’re all pretty much wanting them to be married and continue the bloodline, as everyone approves of Hee-Sik as well. Meanwhile, Nam-Soon is called into office by Ryu Si-O again and he takes her under his own wing.

There’s a test of strength before that, and Si-O takes her to a facility and throws a giant press on her, as she uses her powers to push it above, he continues to add more power to the press.

Nam-Soon’s mother and grandmother get alerted by Nam-Soon’s powers. Geum-Ju wastes no time in dressing up and revving her bike to rush to her daughter’s aid, as Strong Girl Nam-Soon episode 7 rolls the credits.


  • Strong Girl Nam-Soon episode 7 sees the chemistry between Nam-Soon and Hee-Sik being acknowledged, recognized, and even blessed by the former’s family members.
  • The two spend more adorable time together but there’s just not enough time allotted to their relationship, as viewers have to make do with the trickles of their adorable romance.
  • The episode also sees the more serious matters speed up as Geum-Ju approaches Si-O head-on while he takes on Nam-Soon with a rather dangerous test of strength.
Strong Girl Nam-Soon season 1 episode 7
Strong Girl Nam-Soon season 1 episode 7 recap & review 1

Director: Kim Seok-Yoon, Choi Bo-Yoon

Date Created: 2023-10-28 20:30

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